Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rush Limbaugh: "Donald Trump Is Not A True Conservative"

It must have been Karma that made me turn on Rush Limbaugh's radio show because I had actually stopped listening to Rush because he seemed to be joining in with the Trump sycophant bandwagon, non-stop--it had become all Trump all the time.  Along with Sean Hannity, two of the people I used to love the most, I couldn't take it anymore. 

Will El Rushbo now be called an establishment RINO?
But something did make me turn on his show [Mon. Dec. 14, 2015] and what I just heard Rush say made me almost jump out of my car seat I was driving in and say, 'Wow!'

Rush was talking about Trump's attack on Senator Cruz when he was talking to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday and told Chris that Cruz was not qualified to be president and he was acting "kind of like a maniac in the Senate who can't get things done."  Rush said: "Donald Trump has shown his true colors.  Donald Trump is not a true conservative because a true conservative would not attack Senator Cruz in the way that he did."

Again I say, 'Wow!'

The only question remaining is when do the Donald Trump sycophants start calling Rush an establishment RINO?  


Kristin RoseMoon said...

It's going to be a long time before I can bring myself to listen to Rush again. I haven't forgiven him for selling out to the hype and turning his back on the Conservative principles that got him where he is today. He chose ratings and money over the truth. I'm done with him unless he grovels and begs forgiveness in a big way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rush, It seems you're self prophesying the truth. If Cruz is such a whimp that he needs the media to pull it all out for him, that is not what we what. If Cruz can't defend himself against Trump attacks then he should not be President. I watched Cruz in congress as he is a bit of a maniac; a my way or screw you all, gun to the Senate head. I'll hold you all hostage type of person. We got Obama doing that, we don't need Cruz to do that. I'll stay with Trump, or I will not be voting come November 2016 because of what I see going on in the media and in the party. Case closed. I also will not be listening to your show until after the Iowa caucus for your remarks yesterday.

Big Mike said...

Well Kristen I have a feeling you won't be listening to Rush anymore because I could be wrong but I don't think you will see Rush grovel ing begging for forgiveness - like I said I could be wrong😬

And anonymous -so to you it is either Trump or give it to Hillary to destroy the country-- that's the attitude

TR said...

I'll vote for anyone that runs against hillary !

Big Mike said...

I will too TR.