Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Top Qualification For GOP Pick - Can Beat Hillary Clinton

For Republicans, there should be one main objective at the RNC convention in July of 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio: to nominate a Republican candidate who has a great chance [if not the best] to beat Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.  That person may or may not be the most conservative in the field.  That person may or may not be your favorite candidate.  But that person we nominate must have a realistic chance to beat Hillary Clinton. If the one we nominate can't win, everything else is moot.  

Now it is a long, long time until we get to a head to head match up between Hillary Clinton as the Democrat nominee and her Republican opponent.  But, as of today, almost every national poll in a head to head match up between Hillary and the various GOP candidates show the same results. Those results were revealed by Gretchen Carlson on her mid-afternoon show on the Fox News Channel, "The Real Story."  

The following is a video of those results she showed on her Monday show, Dec. 14, 2015:

As I said it is still early, but if we are well into the voting in the primaries in 2016, and if these results stay the same, I submit there is no way we should consider Donald Trump as our nominee as he is shown to be the person who not only could not beat Hillary Clinton, but would lose to her in a disastrous landslide.  That would not only mean a Hillary Clinton presidency, but almost surely mean losing the Senate and many seats in the House. 

That we cannot let happen if we care about the direction of our country. 

Right now the polls are showing a couple of candidates who can beat Hillary Clinton in a head to head match up, with Senator Marco Rubio always showing up as the strongest.  This could change as it is early so I will not say that it is a must we nominate him [although he is my favorite candidate].  

As of this time polls show Marco Rubio would beat Hillary Clinton in a head to head match up
But, as I said earlier, if we are a few months from now and the head to head polls keep showing these same results, I would ask you to strongly consider Senator Marco Rubio as your candidate for the Republican nomination for president. 


Milepost 154 said...

No matter who the nominee may be, I'll vote for them. I will NOT be "staying home" and instantly allowing Hillary Clinton to win.

My God, can you imagine if Hillary becomes president? Surely, she'll be a two-termer and this nation will be worse off than EVER before.


Big Mike said...

I will too BZ! I don't even want to think of a Hillary presidency to Comintern 4 more years of this disaster - it will be about over for America by then.