Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Las Vegas GOP Debate Analysis

To me this was the most substantive debate yet, focusing all questions on the important issue of the day and most likely of the presidential campaign, national security. So, I give Kudos to CNN and moderator Wolf Blitzer and Hugh Hewitt and Dana Bash for keeping this debate civil and focused on the important questions.  This was really a good job by the CNN/Salem radio network team.

I think they all had good debate performances, except Donald Trump [and this goes against some of the post debate commentary I am hearing from the pundits who actually thought he won because he didn't lose].  To me Trump did not have a good performance as he showed his lack of knowledge on military/national security questions and he made his usual juvenile faces when others were talking.  Of course, I agree, like others have said, that this will not hurt him with his supporters, but because of that, does that mean he had a good debate?  Not to me, but what do I know.  Donald Trump did give his best answer yet in all of the debates so far, when asked by Hugh Hewitt if he would run in a third party campaign if he did not win the nomination.  Not only did Trump say, no, he would not run as an independent, he praised the party, saying he has gotten to know the other candidates and leaders of the party and likes them and he would do everything in his power to defeat Hillary Clinton.  So, I did like that, and I say Bravo!, to Hugh Hewitt for asking Trump that important question. 

The best exchanges of the night were between Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, which I believe Rubio was in command and won those exchanges; and between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, in which I believe Jeb won those exchanges.  In fact, Jeb Bush had his best debate of all the debates [and I even believe he actually got under Donald Trump's skin], but I am afraid for him it is just too little, too late, and he will not be able to get back in the race. 

Chris Christie was very strong and had a good debate.  Carly Fiorina also had a good but not great debate like she has in the other debates, but I think this will not help her in the polls and it is just about over for her.  The same can be said of John Kasich, who was not annoying like he was in the previous debates and had his best performance, but again, too little, too late. 

As far as debate skills go, Rand Paul put out his position as best as he could and it was a pretty good debate performance , but his positions on national security are so weak and they will just not go over well with an overwhelming majority of GOP voters. 

I really like Dr. Ben Carson, but once again I believe he just did not have a strong performance.  I am afraid for his supporters, he will continue to decline in the polls. 

I know this may be a biased view, as I am a supporter of Senator Marco Rubio for president, but I really feel, while not as clear cut as in the previous debates, Marco Rubio won this debate, with Chris Christie coming in a close second. 

Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and Jeb Bush followed closely behind with John Kasich, Rand Paul, Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson bringing up the rear. 

Best line of the night:  Jeb Bush, when talking about Donald Trump's foreign policy, national security knowledge:  "Donald says he gets his information from the shows.  I don't know if he means the Sunday shows or the Saturday shows." 

The winner again

A close second


bradley said...

It seemed to me that Trump and Cruz were, in a very subtle way, forging a bond (as pres and vise pres) nominees---if so I pray for country that this is not the end result, because, hello another 4 years of foreign policy catastrophy if that is in fact to happen.

I think rubio, christy, or Jeb are the only ones that could win a national election, lets get this down to only those that could and take the others out of serious discussion asap.

bradley beckman

Big Mike said...

Great analysis Brad! I agree with your points.

Bedfordguy said...

Great minds think alike. Good debate, but hard to find a clear winner. Other than Trump or Paul, I could go with any one of them for Prez. My first two choices are Rubio and Cruz. Bedfordguy

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Harry - I think I see a Rubio/Cruz ticket coming- the reason I think important to have Rubio as Prez nominee is because he is just more like able and I think clearly more electable vs Hillary- I think it's possible Cruz could beat her but not as clear cut as Rubio who I actually believe would win in a landslide