Friday, December 18, 2015

Gretchen Carlson And Bret Baier On An Unbelievable Admission By Obama

Bret Baier was being interviewed by Gretchen Carlson on her Fox News Channel show, "The Real Story" just ahead of the president's press conference, at midday today, Friday, Dec. 18, 2015.

They discussed this amazing, unbelievable, scary [because it is the commander-in-chief saying this] admission in a story by president Obama that was reported in the N.Y. Times [that they have now deleted to protect this sad "president"].  

We have heard before from this president that, like the GOP presidential wannabe, carnival barker Trump, he also learns his news from the "shows".  But this admission by the president, that Bret and Gretchen were discussing, goes even beyond that as we learned that our president, our commander-in-chief, the leader of the free world, the most important man in the world didn't realize the mood of the people after the terrorist attacks in Paris and then San Bernadino, CA, because he didn't watch cable TV.

Let me repeat, the president of the United States didn't realize the people of the United States were upset and worried because he didn't watch the cable TV news.  
How would you expect me to know? I wasn't watching Fox News.
Beam me up, Scotty.

Sit down and watch this.  Kudos to Gretchen Carlson and Bret Baier, for bringing some sanity to what is becoming an Alice in Wonderland country, under this president [and would remain if we elect Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump]. 

The Real Story segment, Dec. 18, 2015:

Please, Donald Trump supporters...if this makes you shake your head in amazement, your guy has said the exact same thing that he gets his national security information from the "morning shows" [and to quote Jeb Bush, "I don't know if he means the Saturday shows or Sunday shows"] 

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Bedfordguy said...

Believeable, unfortunately.

Big Mike said...

Yes Harry believable from this president but unbelievable that the country elected such a president who could make such a statement