Tuesday, December 8, 2015

GOP Race Still Wide Open

Hat/Tip:  to John Podhoretz editor of Commentary, who put out these instructive polling numbers on his FaceBook page on Dec. 4, 2015 from the great web site Real Clear Politics:

Real Clear Politics averages:
12/4/2007-Giuliani 26, Thompson 14, McCain 14. 

12/4/2011-Gingrich 27, Romney 20, Cain 14

12/4/2015-Trump 31, Carson 17.5, Cruz & Rubio 13.5 

What this shows is that in the last two presidential cycles on the GOP side, at this exact moment in time, the overwhelming sure to win leader in the Real Clear Politics average never even came close to winning the Republican nomination and in fact I don't believe even won more than a handful of delegates to the Republican convention. 

I am praying that in this election cycle, history will repeat itself. 

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