Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dems Have This Ready To Make Ad If Trump Goes After Bill Clinton

Hat Tip:  CNN's Don Lemon, who played a segment of  this video on his show on Monday night, Dec. 28, 2015.

The following 2008 video, that included an interview of Donald Trump with Wolf Blitzer, shows that if anyone goes after Bill Clinton in this campaign for his atrocious behavior with women, it cannot be Donald Trump, as this video is a ready to make ad that the Democrats can use against Trump, if, God forbid, he becomes the Republican nominee. 

This "Republican" says the wrong president had impeachment charges brought against him
The video also shows why the Republicans cannot nominate this fraud as it proves he is no Republican and no true conservative as no true conservative Republican thinks that George W. Bush is the one who should have been impeached and that it was a mistake to bring impeachment charges against Clinton because what he did was unimportant and it was nonsense to bring charges.

Forget who is saying the following words and think to yourself, are these the words of a Democrat or a Republican. 

Check this video out from CNN to hear the words from the fraud himself, Donald Trump:  

So, Trump is now going to hurt Hillary Clinton by bringing up what he called [his own words] "unimportant and nonsense" womanizing by Bill Clinton?  

Of course, we didn't even need to see this video to know what kind of fraud as a conservative Republican Trump is because we know he donated money to help elect Bill and Hillary Clinton so that supposedly his good buddies would come to his wedding.  Wait, was that his first, second, or third wedding?

#WakeUpGOP   This cannot be the spokesman for the Republican Party.   

#WakeUpAmerica  Hillary Clinton cannot be elected as our next president.


Scott said...

You want to know why Trump gave money to the Clintons, they were so easily bought. I wanted to cry when Hillary commented about their finances. Chelsi's 75k per speech can help them get back on track. Can you just imagine the money getting juggled in the Clinton Foundation? LOL. Sad part, Hillary could have killed those people in Benghazi herself and it wouldn't have hit the news. So corrupt. Not a word about the 1000 classified documents.

Big Mike said...

Yes, Scott and it says something about the people Trump wanted to buy--Clinton's - Harry Reid -- Schumer --et. al. Everyone bemoaning the establishment...Trump is the true insider establishment who will sell his soul out to whoever it is who benefits him...damn the country.