Monday, November 30, 2015

Why Trump's 9-11 'Exaggeration' Must Be Denounced

Donald Trump made the charge that on 9-11 he was in Jersey City, New Jersey and he saw thousands and thousands [implying Arab-Americans who were Muslims] cheering the downing of the twin towers and the attack on America.  Just think, if that were true that thousands and thousands of Americans were celebrating America being attacked by Islamic terrorists in just one American city, that would project to tens of thousands [if not hundreds of thousands] of Americans celebrating all over this country.  

Think about that.  What a libel on Arab-Americans in this country.  Donald Trump is implying that a good percentage of Arab Americans are traitors.  If someone made a charge like that about Jewish Americans [and there are anti-Jew bigots who do make that charge about Jews who support Israel], I would be outraged as Jew.  I am sure good patriotic Arab Muslims are outraged at what Donald Trump said.  

I'm praying the GOP will tell you in no uncertain terms when the votes start coming in, "You're fired!"
Decent patriotic Americans should not just slough this off as this is just Donald speaking his mind.  This is an outrage he is attacking a whole group of Americans with a lie.  There were not thousands and thousands of Americans in Jersey City, New Jersey cheering as the twin towers were coming down on 9-11.  That did not happen.

What one can denounce is the idiot Palestinians in the Middle East who were dancing in the streets or those idiots in Rev. Wright's church shown cheering the attack on America [on the Sunday after 9-11].   But that does not even begin to verify Trump's libel that he personally saw thousands and thousands of Americans in Jersey City, New Jersey cheering the horrible evil on the day of 9-11.  

Hugh Hewitt had a guest on his show last Wednesday who I respect and admire very much [so much that I do not wish to name him as I don't want this to seem like an attack on him] debating this reporter [a fact checker] from the Washington Post and he tried to point out an article in the Post that said some people allegedly saw some people on roof tops celebrating-a claim that has never been verified and even if true, a couple of people on roof tops would not amount to thousands and thousands that Donald Trump said he personally saw on TV cheering in New Jersey.  The guest of Hugh Hewitt said because of that one article, what Donald Trump said should not be labeled as a lie [which the Washington Post fact checker did] but just an "exaggeration".  

With all due respect to Hugh's guest, no it does not show that Trump was just exaggerating a little.  Trump was lying.

Donald Trump to bolster his claim [lie], said that he has received hundreds of calls from people all over this country that what he claimed is true.  Oh, really, hundreds of calls [or is that thousands and thousands] from all over the country means that all those people had to be living in Jersey City, NJ to verify that they also saw thousands and thousands of Americans cheering on 9-11 to actually verify his claim.  And if you believe that I have a bridge I want to sell you.  Also, how hundreds of anonymous Americans just happened to have Donald Trump's personal phone number on hand makes you wonder if that was just another lie by Donald Trump.  I don't think I would be 'exaggerating' to say Donald Trump just makes things up, damn who he hurts in the process.

Think about this, if there were thousands and thousands of Americans celebrating the 9-11 attacks in New Jersey and hundreds of people calling into Donald Trump saying they also saw thousands of Americans cheering, are you telling me that, even while they were no I-phones at that time, there is not one picture or one video by the news media of those thousands of Americans cheering?  Not one? 

Let's change the narrative.  Let's say Hillary Clinton is on the campaign trail and she says I was in Jersey City, NJ in 2009 on the day the abortion clinic doctor was shot dead and I saw thousands and thousands of right wing extremists cheering his death.  And you could find an article about the usual suspects, like the idiots from the Westboro Baptist Church who were cheering, and also Hillary said I received hundreds of phone calls from around the country who said I told the truth, this did happen-would that verify Hillary's claim that she saw thousands and thousands of Americans in Jersey City, NJ cheering the death of the abortion doctor?  Hell no it wouldn't.  

And if you heard someone on the news media [which they would] say, well these other reports show that while Hillary's claim may not have been totally accurate, it was not a lie, it was just an exaggeration.  You and I would be screaming at the TV, that's a damn lie, Hillary was lying and demagogically libeling patriotic pro-life conservatives who did not cheer but denounced the shooting.  You would know that Hillary was just saying that for crass partisan political reasons, the same way that Donald Trump actually did in this case. It would be no different. 

Just as we would be outraged if Hillary did this and we would rightfully denounce her lying, I am calling on all Republicans, even those of you who support Donald Trump, to be intellectually honest and call out Trump on his lies. 

In fact, not just Republicans but this lie on Arab-Muslim Americans by Donald Trump, even if we accept [which I don't] that it was just an exaggeration, should be denounced by all good Americans.  


bradley said...

You are so correct--- this man is a fraud, a negative angry embarrassing egomaniac. I for one am embarrassed that so may so called republicans still support him. If he doesn't disappear from the primaries soon, we WILL lose because of this idiot.

Big Mike said...

Praying that those who still support him will wake up soon. Thanks Brad!