Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why Again Does TSA Do Security Checks On Grandmas And Children?

In spite of the horrific Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris, where reports that one or more of the terrorists may have been a Syrian refugee, president Obama says his plan to admit Syrian refugees will not change.  He wants to welcome 10,000 to the United States in 2016.  In fact, the president mocks Republicans for wanting a pause in the plan until it can be guaranteed that not one ISIS terrorist person is among those refugees, when he says:  "[Republicans] are scared of widows and orphans [entering the U.S.]"

Hmm, playing the women and children sympathy card, very nice Mr. President.  But does anyone remember what your administration and the TSA officials said on why random vigorous security checks must include women and children and even old people in wheel chairs?  "If we don't check them [women and kids], this is exactly who the terrorists will use to commit their terrorist attacks."  

Wait a second, Mr. macho president, I guess you and your administration is not just afraid of the 'mean' Fox News Channel asking you questions but also widows and 5 year old orphans and old people in wheel chairs at the airports too.

This from TSA blog:  "Often on the blog we get questions like: “how is granny a threat?,” “what can a person in a wheelchair do on a plane,” etc. To us, this story is about the importance of screening everyone, and not giving anyone an exemption that a terrorist could use to their advantage."

In an updated story on July 31, 2009 on CBS News, Leslie Stahl interviewed outgoing TSA director Kip Hawley said:  "This is war. These people are trying to kill us. They got on the planes in September 11th, 2001, killed 3,000 people. And they will do it again as many times as they can," Hawley said.

"There's been a lot of criticism about people who clearly are not terrorists. The 90-year-old little old lady. …My mother, in fact…was patted down, and pulled aside. It doesn't make any sense. It's not common sense," Stahl remarked.

"You can't say to al Qaeda, 'If you give us somebody who looks like they're 90 years old or nine months old, you're going to get a free pass.' Because I guarantee you, they are watching. They notice it. And that's where they'll come', Hawley warned."

Let's see, we can't overlook a granny or a 5 year old orphan at the airports because if we do then this is exactly the people the terrorists will use.  

So,... don't you think, President Obama that ISIS [or ISIL or DAESH or some non-denominational "extremism" or whatever other word you are calling these terrorists to avoid saying ISIS] would plant some terrorists among the refugees to commit terror in our country?  

Isn't that exactly who they will use to commit terror, Mr. President?

And if that is not the case, President Obama, why again are eighty year old great grandmas and five year old kids randomly screened at airports like everyone else? 

I can't hear you, Mr. President.

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