Monday, November 9, 2015

Where Are Sharpton and Obama On This Police Shooting Incident?

Well, maybe we are making progress in race relations as we haven't seen Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or the 'black lives matters' usual suspects out in the streets shouting about the evil of the latest police/civilian shooting incident.  We haven't heard a word from President Barack Obama about the need for this police action to stop, about this happening far too often, about the need to have an "honest" [i.e., dishonest] discussion about race.  We haven't had Obama's latest Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who heads the 'in-justice department', say she will start a federal investigation to see if civil rights charges are warranted.  No calls from anyone in this administration or the "civil rights" movement to see if this was a hate crime. 

What incident?  In Louisiana two police officers, Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Derrick Staford, shot 18 times into a vehicle that had an unarmed man and his six year old son, killing the 6 year old and critically wounding the man.  The officers claimed there was a warrant out for his arrest but the family denies this and there is no proof yet that what they said is true.  

My God, the man was unarmed, and they shot 18 times into the vehicle and they killed a 6 year old boy.  Where are the protesters?  Where is Al Sharpton? Where are the street demonstrations?  Where is the president of the United States?  Where are the riots?  Where is the cry that black lives matter?  

Oh, it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that the two police officers were black and the six year old they killed and unarmed man they shot were white, could it?  No, to believe that you might have to believe that Barack Obama is a racist who only cares about black people killed in a police incident.  No, that's not possible, is it?

This from the New York Daily News"Two Louisiana cops have been charged with murder after they allegedly gunned down an autistic 6-year-old boy and seriously wounded his father earlier this week, authorities said.
Shocking body camera footage captured by one of the four officers involved in the tragic Tuesday confrontation led to the arrests of 23-year-old Norris Greenhouse Jr. and 32-year-old Derrick Stafford, it was revealed Saturday.

"That video was incredible," Col. Mike Edmonson told CBS News. "I mean, as a father, much less head of the state police, I looked at that tape, I said this is incredibly disturbing."

The footage purportedly shows the pair of officers firing 18 shots into a vehicle, riddling little Jeremy Mardis’s body with bullets as he was helplessly strapped into the front seat.

“He didn’t deserve to die like that,” Edmonson said."

R.I.P. Jeremy David Mardis    -  Just because president Obama can't say "if he had a son it could have been you", that doesn't mean your life didn't matter.    It did.   May God Bless all your relatives and friends and ease their pain.



bradley said...

BHO absence in talking about this case is hands down proof that all lives do NOT matter, and furthermore lends credence to the FACT (no not opinion) that our president has a racist agenda!

Big Mike said...

Thank you Bradley for, like you always do, telling it like it is!

Sheralyn said...

Your analysis is spot on. Al and B.O. are missing in action. Their silence only reinforces what honest observers already knew, "Black lives only matter when they're killed by white officers". There's nothing to be gained for either of them in this situation because it won't get their voters to the polls nor will it lend credence to the lie that they push as often as they can. It's sad, but predictable and while we already knew this would be the reaction of hate filled black activists and the White House this is the reality of the state of our elected and unelected leadership.

Big Mike said...

Thank you, Sheralyn! :-)

Anonymous said...

If I could find the video, I'd post the video. This was a heinous, inexcusable event IF it went down as illustrated. That said, a craven act like this UNcovered for weeks by the AMM/MSM and UNcovered by Barack Hussein Obama says ALL you need to know about the rampant racism from our Racist In Chief in DC.



Big Mike said...

If the roles were reversed we all know what would happen-there would be riots in the street and it would be fueled on by Obama and Sharpton. Then we would be getting a lecture by Obama how racist our country is. It would be unbearable.
Thanks for your comments BZ.