Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Three GOP Candidates Discuss Obama's 'Astonishing' Remarks on Hugh Hewitt Show

Yesterday I did this post called: "How Paris Reshapes the 2016 Presidential Election".   In this post I stated because of the Islamic terrorist attack by ISIS in Paris, national security/foreign policy would become the #1 issue of the presidential election and that would change the top tier GOP candidates to [in my opinion] these four: Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Gov Chris Christie.  
Hugh Hewitt, aka "Johnny radio" and aka the "king maker"
On the Hugh Hewitt show, which I consider the best intelligent political talk show in America, Hugh was discussing the "astonishing" [Hugh's word with which I agree] remarks regarding the war on terror following the ISIS terrorist assault on Paris.  And who did Hugh have on the show to discuss his remarks?  Three of the top GOP presidential candidates I named in my piece from yesterday, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie.  All three [and more great guests] on one radio show.  Maybe now you will understand why I consider the Hugh Hewitt radio show [from 5pm -8pm CT, Mon-Fri] the best political talk show, bar none.

These great interviews and remarks by three of the GOP candidates, along with Senator Marco Rubio, who I feel will be the finalists in the presidential election, speak for themselves.  I would do a disservice to attempt to put my spin on them. 

I thank the Hughniverse for the podcast of these interviews.  I suggest you become a member of the Hughniverse so you too can hear any podcast of the great Hugh Hewitt radio show.  Also, I suggest you go to Hugh's web site to get a written transcript of the interviews. 

Please turn up the volume and watch and listen to Hugh Hewitt interview first Senator Ted Cruz, then CEO business woman, Carly Fiorina, and finally Governor Chris Christie. 

Hugh Hewitt radio show, Nov. 16, 2015: Hugh's interview with Senator Ted Cruz

Hugh Hewitt radio show, Nov. 16, 2015: Hugh's Interview With Carly Fiorina:

Hugh Hewitt radio show, Nov. 16, 2015: Hugh's interview with Governor Chris Christie

Bravo, Hugh Hewitt on a great show, per usual!

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