Wednesday, August 31, 2016

These Egyptian Journalists Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

As the Tales and fetching Mrs. Tales prepare to go on vacation next week, here is an oldie but goodie Tales post, first published in November of 2015. 

I know many of you have favorite comedians who can make you laugh just by looking at their expression.  They don't even have to say a word, you will start laughing.

Well we find it is not just Americans that have ability to make you laugh just with an expression.  You have got to see these Egyptian journalists, in May of this year [2015], when they hear Obama's pronouncement of what he considers the biggest national security threat of America [and the world] is.   

Just look at the expression of the moderator when president Obama is done speaking and see if that is not one of the most hilarious things that you will ever see...and also, that you will agree with his expression because you will also have the same expression on his face.  Then listen to the conversation that goes on-it is even more hilarious.  

Oh, if only we had a main stream media in our country with "fair and balanced" journalists like these Egyptian journalists. 

Thank you to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)TV for this video.

Those guys made a lot of sense to me.  :-)


Sheralyn said...

I watched the video and all I can say is, "Oh, God have mercy". It is really a sad day when foreigners realize what the American people refuse to see. Not only is it embarrassing to have foreigners recognize what the problem is, but also what the first step to fixing the problem is. A fool is recognized as a fool by anyone willing to see what is in front of their face and obviously these commenters have. Even they can't believe what a fool we have as a leader. The video is funny on a surface level, but sad and frightening on a more serious level. Actually, one of the commenters echoed what I've been asking myself, "Does he think that Isis is going to give him a big bear hug when they come to destroy us"?. Apparently he must as he imports more killers into our mist. His head is going to roll along with many others, he won't be exempt. What the foolish liberals fail to see is that they can't destroy this country just for Republicans/Conservatives without destroying it for themselves also. This commentary is much more realistic and truthful than anything you'll see on mainstream media. This is a sad commentary on the leadership of our country by commentators who have nothing to lose by seeing our country fail.

Big Mike said...

Yep, Sheralyn you got it right again. On the last point, it's possible those Egyptians actually are pro-American and actually do not want to see our country fail--they know their country is in trouble if there is not a strong America and they are also worried about that.
Thanks Mrs. B! :-)

bradley said...

Sheralyn is point on--- I've felt this for the last 6 years : far left liberals have , because of their blind god like reverence for Obama, have lost their mental capacity to think rationally. Whether the subject is reverse racism, anti police bias, refusal to accept terrorism when it is front of them, responsible fiscal policy, class warfare, et etc, they respond to any rational thought with the race card, the you hate Obama card, rich people are bad card, on and on--- enough to make one not even attempt discussion.
Thx Sheralyn for great insight

Bradley beckman

Big Mike said...

If I may speak for Sheralyn - thanks brother- I will show her your kind comments!!