Monday, November 2, 2015

The Acronym For 'Double Standard' - ESPN

Curt Schilling, former great All Star pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and a color analyst on ESPN during the Major League Baseball season, was suspended for the rest of the MLB season late August when he put out a tweet that said: "It's said that only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists, in 1940 only 7% of Germans were Nazi's.  How did that work out?"  

All Star pitcher Curt Schilling suspended from ESPN for a tweet
Even after quickly deleting this tweet, that I personally have no problem with, he was immediately suspended from ESPN.

Now ESPN had every right to suspend [or even fire] him if they felt that comparison shouldn't have been made or that their commentators shouldn't be involved in politics on twitter so I am not arguing against that.  Also, this is not a case of free speech, as again Curt Schilling can make any comment he wants on twitter but that doesn't mean ESPN cannot take action against him concerning his employment at that company if that is against their policy.

But what happened when another one of their commentators made a much worse comparison, and a comparison not against Islamic terrorists, like Schilling did, but against American citizens?  Was he suspended from the network for the rest of the year, like Schilling was, or was he fired?

From the Daily Caller on October 27, 2015:  "During the Friday broadcast of his ESPN radio show, Tony Kornheiser asked Huffington Post editor Howard Fineman if Tea Party congressmen are “like ISIS trying to establish a Caliphate” in the House of Representatives."

Tony, you're a very good sports journalist - stick to your day job
So, what happened to Tony Kornheiser for making this outrageous comparison of American citizens [congressman in the tea party] to ISIS, a despicable terrorist group that beheads and puts on fire anyone who they consider infidels, like Christians and Jews or Muslims who will not join them?   Answer:  Silence.  Nothing happened to Tony Kornheiser.  He wasn't fired.  He wasn't suspended.

Again, I am not asking for him to be fired and will say that it is ESPN's right to keep him on, just as it was their right to suspend Schilling.  But I think even you liberals out there have to admit this is an obvious double standard, and I submit an outrageous double standard.  Curt Schilling, on his own time and not while he was on ESPN made a quickly deleted tweet, while Kornheiser's comments were on his national radio show on ESPN. 

The GOP debate in Boulder, CO headed by CNBC proved what conservatives already knew about the double standard in the mainstream media.  It is well known about the double standard in the halls of academia, with conservatives [like Condolezza Rice] banned from speaking engagements while far left speakers are welcomed with open arms.  And now, sadly, we see this liberal double standard even exists in the mainstream sports media. 

Remember, the next time you refer to the blatant double standard that exists in the mainstream media, news and sports, all you have to do is use the acronym: ESPN


bradley said...

When liberals bring up isis in the same breadth as tea party, they are showing ignorance and bias that reflects on their level of brain mass.
(Or lack of)

Big Mike said...

Yep Bradley-- and while no one in the organization sees nothing wrong with those comments also tells you all you need to know how left they are.