Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tales Predicts The Fox Business News Debate

Being a political aficionado, I love the debates and was very interested to find out what would happen in the first GOP debate on the Fox News Channel, as I had no feel how it would go.  

After viewing that first debate, I had a pretty good feel of how these debates would go and made a successful prediction in debate #2 on CNN that it would be Carly Fiorina who would be the winner.

My prediction was proven to be correct as there was a consensus by almost all the pundits everywhere said that Carly Fiorina was indeed the person who won the second debate.

Being successful in predicting the winner of the second debate, Tales made a prediction of the winner of the third debate on CNBC in Colorado.  My prediction of Senator Marco Rubio being the clear winner of this debate was also correct as noted by the overwhelming consensus of political pundits.

So, now being two for two in predictions, re: the GOP debates, Tales [i.e., me] will venture to predict what will happen in this debate #4 hosted by the Fox Business Channel/WSJ. 

The great Neil Cavuto to moderate the FBN/WSJ Republican debate in Wisconsin on Nov. 10, 2015

Since I am not getting a good feeling that there will be a clear cut winner in this debate, I am not going to go out on a limb there and name one winner, but I will make this prediction of three things that will occur out of this debate held in Milwaukee, WI:

1. This will be the best, most issue substantive oriented debate yet.  There will be some tough questions, as there should be, asked by the Fox Business Channel/Wall Street Journal panelists, but I think these will be economic issue based questions and not "gotcha" personality questions.  While CNBC was blasted for handling their debate, the Fox Business News Channel will be praised how they will handle this debate.

2.  I am not predicting there will be deemed a clear cut winner like there was in the previous two debates.  I think all the GOP candidates will be deemed to have a good debate and surprisingly, Dr. Ben Carson, who has not shown himself yet to be a good debater, will have his best debate performance yet, and that will be noted by the media.  I also, think Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will be named most by the pundits as having really good debate performances.  So, look for those three men, Carson, Rubio and Cruz to be the most helped by this debate.  Sadly, for Jeb Bush, while he will have a pretty good debate, it won't be enough to stop his sliding poll numbers and his chance at the nomination will only be hanging on by a thread.

3.  This final prediction, unlike the first two I have made in this article, is a lock solid guarantee.  This will happen.  No matter how good or bad Donald Trump is in this debate, even if for some reason he didn't show up, he will be shown to have won the post debate online polls by a huge margin.  His sycophants, just like the Ron Paul sycophants of the past, will flood the online sites with their votes of approval, no matter if, to the rest of us, Donald Trump makes a fool of himself.  I am not predicting he will make a fool of himself but I am saying the post debate poll you see on the Drudge Report will be out of reality of what really happened on the debate stage. 

So, to sum up, this will be a good debate with good substantive questions by the FBN/WSJ panel.  Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and surprisingly Dr. Ben Carson will be mentioned the most by pundits of having good debates, and Donald Trump will "win" every single post debate poll, no matter how good or bad he is. 

As I have said before as the Tales has been proven to be right 92.47% of the time [with an unofficial 32.76% + or - error rate  :-)], do not doubt the 'Tales'. 

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