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Lileks And Hewitt In The Funniest Comedy Routine Since "Who's On First"

Best of the Tales - repeat post first published in July of 2013:

James Lileks Comprehensive BBQ Plan:  

James Lileks
James Lileks, journalist, humorist, and pop culture blogger from Minnesota was one of the guests on the Hugh Hewitt radio show on Thursday night.   He gave one of the funniest, fall off your chair laughing, extemporaneous routines I have ever heard.  In fact considering that this was an ad lib routine with Hugh, I find this incredibly amazing. 

This may be the funniest comedy duet by James Lileks and Hugh Hewitt, since Abbott and Costello's "Who's On First!?"

Here is the context. The guest who was on Hugh's radio show right before James Lileks was congressman Lou Barletta, R-PA.   Hugh likes the congressman and knows he is a good conservative but thinks he just doesn't get it when it comes to what should be in an immigration reform bill.  The congressman thinks that a comprehensive immigration plan is the important thing, and the 'fence thing', well that can be discussed later.  Hugh thinks it is critical for border security to first get a strong double layered fence in place on the southern border where most of the illegal immigration is coming from.  Hugh knows the importance of a good immigration reform bill and is for legalization of those illegal immigrants here now, but only after the border is secure.  Hugh feels that promises of border security without the fence are not sincere.  We know from history that when the amnesty comes first, the border security never comes which means we will be at this place again [with millions of illegal immigrants here, living "in the shadows"] in another 10 years.  That must stop. [my words]  So, Hugh kept peppering the good congressman with questions about the fence.  Hearing how the congressman kept avoiding answering Hugh's questions was either funny or torturous, depending on your position.  Representative Barletta kept saying he was for border security, but would never really answer if the completion of a fence was a part of that border security.   The whole time congressman Barletta was on the air he was pleasant and friendly but avoided answering Hugh's direct questions.  It was really something to listen to.

On the air after the Barletta interview was James Lileks.   When listening to the audio [from this video], you must keep in mind Hugh's interview with congressman Barletta to fully appreciate James Lileks brilliant routine.  He did this without any preparation as it occurred right after Lileks heard Hugh's interview with the congressman. 

In the following audio of Hugh's interview [routine] with James Lileks, think of the hamburger as the fence and the BBQ as the comprehensive immigration plan.   Hugh demands that Lileks commit to the hamburger [border fence] first before he will support the Lileks [comprehensive bill without a border security fence] BBQ plan. 

So, remember, when you hear hamburger, that means border fence.  When you hear all the other food for the BBQ, that means comprehensive immigration reform without the border security first.

Thanks to Hugh Hewitt and his Hughniverse web site for access to the podcast of this broadcast.  Everyone who loves intelligent and great political talk radio should consider joining the Hughniverse.

If you want to follow Hugh Hewitt on twitter he has the rather bland handle of @HughHewitt while James Lileks has the rather ingenious handle of  @Lileks

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