Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Greg Gutfeld On Donald Trump Mocking Physically Disabled Reporter

Being a parent of a special needs child who passed way too early in May of 2013, I am sensitive to and disapprove strongly of anyone who would make a joke about or make fun of, not just special needs children, but any person with a physical disability.  For those interested here is the eulogy I gave at Jermaine's funeral: "Tribute To A Special Child."

This is why I was very upset at "GOP" presidential candidate Donald Trump's mocking [with his physical gestures] of a reporter who suffers from a physical disability.  

To be honest and for full disclosure, I am not nor have I ever been a Donald Trump fan and I hope and pray that he is not our [GOP] nominee.  I would feel that way even if he didn't make this disgusting mocking of the reporter.  This latest "act" just let's me know I have made the right decision in not supporting his candidacy. 

Greg Gutfeld - a great quipster - a better man
On one of my favorite shows [on Monday Nov. 30, 2015] on the Fox News Channel, "The Five", the great quipster Greg Gutfeld said what needed to be said about Trump mocking the reporter.  I will let Greg's important words speak for themselves. 

Greg Gutfeld on "The Five", Nov. 30, 2015:

Thank you, Greg Gutfeld.  Some one needed to say that.  



Unknown said...

Trump can be disgusting. Hope he fails

Big Mike said...

I am with you, Harry!