Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Did President Obama Really Say This?

Well now, President Obama in a press conference along with French president Francois Hollande, who came to visit the White House today [Tuesday], made a statement that I'm sure has ISIS quaking in their boots [or whatever kind of footwear they wear]. 

Yes, using Obama's own words, "what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists" this will be.   And what is that powerful rebuke?  Please sit down if you are not already are this may scare you as much as I am sure it will scare the terrorists. 

President Barack Hussein Obama said the powerful rebuke to ISIS will be when the president meets with world leaders at the......................Climate change conference.

Please tell me our commander-in-chief didn't really just say this
Remember, this president was one of the only world leaders who didn't show up in a statement of solidarity with other world leaders in Paris in January after the Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish Deli terrorists attacks then.  He didn't even show up in Paris during this last terrorist attack in Paris but made the French President come to Washington.  But he will find the time to go to Paris to attend the Climate Change Conference and it this that he says will be a powerful rebuke to the terrorists. 

Watch this amazing video introduced by Eric Bolling on The Fox News Channel's afternoon show called the Five, and then after the president makes this unbelievable comment, just look at Eric Bolling's expression--I am sure the same one you and I had after listening to our "commander in chief" [God help us]. 

From a segment on The Five, November 24, 2015:

As the late congressman James Traficant used to say, "Beam me up, Scotty." 


Milepost 154 said...

OMFG, it IS truly an Alternate Universe, is it not Sir Michael?

NO ONE could have written this, or even anticipated this.

And yet, as John Brunner wrote, "The Sheep Look Up."


Big Mike said...

BZ, you have to do a double take to think if this is a Saturday Night Live skit or even better a Monty Python skit. How the American people got duped into voting for this guy two times is beyond me.
Thanks BZ.

bradley said...

Omg, the twilight zone has now made a return White House appearance ,god help us if the real leaders of the world don't stand up to the ignorance and literal delusion of this joke!

Big Mike said...

And Bradley, even in the Twilight Zone there was some semblance of rationality to it. :-)