Thursday, November 19, 2015

Apologize? Resign Is More Like It

During remarks on Tuesday Nov. 17, 2015, at the UN Embassy in Paris, France, Sec of State John Kerry, when speaking about the evil terrorist attacks that had just taken place in Paris, made a more than unfortunate comparison with the earlier 'Charlie Hebdo' attacks in Paris that occurred in January of 2015. 

Kerry said that these attacks that had just taken place by ISIS were somehow different than the attacks against the Charlie Hebdo magazine, because those attacks [Kerry first said] had some "legitimacy" [to them].....then he tried to correct himself by saying, "not legitimacy", I mean some there was some "rationale" [behind the attacks].

Knock, knock, John Kerry.  What the hell's the difference between legitimacy and rationale?  They are both, in effect, blaming the victim.  I guess to John Kerry [and Barack Obama], if only they hadn't done those 'satirical' cartoons making fun of Mohammad, the Islamic terrorists would have been nice to them and not killed them. 

Whether it's "legitimacy" or "rationale" the implication of those words are so disgusting, I believe that more than apology is in order from John Kerry.  I think a resignation is in order.   

Thanks to the Fox News Channel show called "Outnumbered" with Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith, Andrea Tantaros and today, Meghan McCain for talking about these sad comments from the Secretary of State.

Nov. 18 Outnumbered panel, with "one lucky guy" Jesse Watters
Here is a clip of Harris Faulkner introducing the segement with comments from Meghan McCain and Andrea Tantaros.

Nov. 18, 2015:  Outnumbered segment RE: John Kerry remarks:   

Also, Secretary Kerry, the day after the Charlie Hebdo attacks those same terrorists attacked a Jewish Deli to kill Jews.  Oh, I guess there was some rationale behind that attack too, because those Jews dared to walk freely in the streets of Paris.  I guess we [Jews] offended those Islamists for being there. 

John Kerry, don't let the door...
UPDATEI understand on Wednesday afternoon, after receiving much criticism from making his inane statement, John Kerry tried to walk back his remarks.  In my opinion, too late, Mr. Kerry.  You said what you meant.  Walking back the comments won't do.  Walking out is the only solution.

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