Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Senate Majority Leader McConnell, End The Filibuster Rule Now!

Today the vote in the Senate for cloture on the anti-sanctuary cities bill which stops federal government funding of cities that break the law with their sanctuary cities, lost, as while a majority voted for cloture 54-46, because every single Democrat opposed cloture and it didn't get 60 votes needed, that means the bill is filibustered and it won't even get a final up or down vote on the Senate floor.  

How any patriotic American could oppose this bill even getting an up or down vote on the Senate floor is mind boggling.

This kind of political blocking of even having votes for important legislation [like this sanctuary cities bill or on a bill to stop the Iran nuclear deal or on any bills that would increase important military spending] that affects the American people's security, must stop and it must stop now!  

Let the filibuster of the  anti-sanctuary cities bill be the last straw. 

Please GOP and Senate Majority Leader McConnell, for the Republican Party, but more importantly for the country, end the filibuster rule now!

Let us go back to the future, first in 2005 From WikipediaSenate Democrats used the filibuster to prevent the confirmation of conservative appellate court candidates nominated by Republican President George W. Bush. In the Republican-controlled 108th Congress, ten Bush judicial nominees were filibustered by the minority Democrats: Miguel Estrada, Priscilla Owen, Charles W. Pickering, Carolyn Kuhl, David W. McKeague, Henry Saad, Richard Allen Griffin, William H. Pryor, William Gerry Myers III, and Janice Rogers Brown.

As a result of these ten filibusters, Senate Republicans began to threaten to change the existing Senate rules by using what Senator Trent Lott termed the "nuclear option" and which Republicans tended to call the "constitutional option".  This change in rules would eliminate filibusters of judicial confirmation votes.

But no, the GOP didn't have the cajones to change the filibuster rule, even for judicial nominees back then.  At that time it was the "gang of 14" that came along to stop the use of the so-called nuclear option.

Remember the Gang of 14 was a phrase coined to describe the bipartisan group of Senators in the 109th United States Congress who successfully negotiated a compromise in the spring of 2005 to avoid the deployment of the so-called "nuclear option" over an organized use of the filibuster by Senate Democrats

So, when the Republicans were in control of the Senate they refused to change the filibuster rule.  

Now let us go back to the more recent future of 2013 when the Democrats were in control of the U.S. Senate:   This from the USA Today November 21, 2013:  "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., pushed through a vote to weaken the power of the filibuster."  "The change reduces the threshold from 60 votes to 51 votes for Senate approval of executive and judicial nominees."

Breaking with the long held Senate tradition, here is what Senator Harry Reid said at that time:  "The American people believe Congress is broken.  The American people believe the Senate is broken.  And I believe they are right, the need for change is so very, very obvious."

Now let us return to the future of 2015 with the Republicans back in control of the Senate after experiencing the Democrats having no problem at all of breaking the filibuster rule when it was in their interest.

Now is the time [or actually past time] for you Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell.  Now is the time for you senate Republicans.  Now is the time to complete the job the Democrats did when they ended the filibuster rule for judicial nominations by ending the filibuster rule for legislation.

Leader McConnell you can use the exact words of Senator Harry Reid in doing so: "The American people believe Congress is broken.  The American people believe the Senate is broken.  And I believe they are right, the need for change is so very, very obvious."

The Republican Party will get the blame no matter what happens.  Trust me, we will not get any "brownie points" for being nice and playing by the rules from the liberal Democrats or from the mainstream media [sorry for being redundant].  So, let us end this insanity now. 

When Harry Reid, then Senate majority leader, threatened to use the so-called nuclear option to end the filibuster rule for judicial nominees, I heard many Republicans and GOP pundits say, 'don't do it Harry Reid because if you do, one day the GOP will be in charge and then you [the Democrats] will rue the day.'

Well, Harry Reid and the Democrats did do itSO NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE THE DEMOCRATS RUE THE DAY.

If not now, and the Democrats ever take over the senate again, they will have no qualms about breaking the filibuster rule again if it is in their benefit...and then your [GOP] calls that 'you [Democrats] better not due it or one day we will be in charge and you will rue the day' will fall on deaf ears.  They will rightly laugh at you.  The GOP base will rightly laugh at you.  The country will rightly laugh at you.

Please, please, please Republicans.  If not for the Party, please for America and the American people, end the filibuster rule for legislation now!

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