Friday, October 9, 2015

Ode To The 2015 Houston Astros

The Tales Ode to our 2015 "Houston Hustles" Astros.   

Go Astros!

Out of respect to the family, and anyone who would still admit on being a friend of this person, the singer of this Rawhide parody will not be named.  Won't do it.  Wouldn't be prudent. 

Note:  The person who sang this, hmm, hmm, told me they know it's Luis Valbuena and not accidentally sung as Jose Valbuena, but whoever that singer was told me as many times as they took to make the video, they are sticking with Jose.  :-) 

Ode to the 2015 Houston Astros:


Unknown said...

You could use a few singing lessons. Good parady, though.

Big Mike said...

Wait.....who told you it was me singing, Harry. :-)
I take the fifth.