Friday, October 16, 2015

Obama Administration Calls 'Both Sides' Guilty Of Terrorism In Israel

What is sad is the deafening silence of the world in wake of the increased terrorism in Israel with innocent Jews, men, women and children, being killed in the streets of Israel by Palestinian terrorists.  

And what is the United States administration's response, Israel's supposed best ally, to call for restraint of violence by both sides

John Kirby State Dept Spokesman makes a disgusting moral equivalence of the violence in Israel
But what is even more stunning and sickening is what I learned today on the Fox News Show Outnumbered, where host Harris Faulkner revealed that the State Dept. spokesman, John Kirby, has called individuals on both sides [Israeli's and Palestinians] guilty of terrorism. 

Segment of Outnumbered: Oct. 15, 2015:

In the past there may have been a criminal incident or two by a citizen of Israel aimed at Palestinians, but to make a moral equivalence of that to the constant terror against Jewish citizens of Israel that has been going on and continues to go on today is disgusting to me. 

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