Friday, October 2, 2015

Netanyahu Stares Down The UN Assembly's Deafening Silence In Wake Of Iran's Promise To Destroy Israel

I have just witnessed [Oct. 1, 2015] one of the most riveting, powerful speeches given by a world leader in my lifetime, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, before the United Nations General Assembly. 

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu gave a powerful, riveting speech before the United Nations on Oct. 1, 2015
It was a stirring declaration by the Prime Minister that Israel will always stand and that he as Prime Minister will do everything in his power to make sure it will always stand as a Jewish state, no matter what declaration may come from the United Nations, or from world leaders.  Prime Minister Netanyahu, with pride as an Israeli and as a Jew, gave a powerful statement about the greatness of the state of Israel as a democratic, honorable, freedom loving country that will remain forever.  

At the end of this article, please click on the link below to hear the whole moving, riveting speech given by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

In one of the most powerful moments I have ever witnessed from a world leader in a major speech came at the end of this video of a segment of the speech when Prime Minister Netanyahu railed against the Iran nuclear deal.  I do not want to give it away if you have not seen it, but I promise it will give you goose bumps.  What a brilliant powerful 'rhetorical' moment.  Wow!

Here is that segment that I got thanks to the C-Span web site. You must stay until the end.    

You must listen to this whole speech that, thanks to the C-Span web site, you can hear and view by clicking this link



Anonymous said...

Nicely done, sir. Two posts in a week. Keep them coming.

But more importantly, you are PRECISELY CORRECT.

This is how a true leader speaks, a defender of his nation, a man steeped in history. He doesn't care what the UN thinks or does, and had a side message for the US as well: the same message. He mentioned Obama in a side fashion but spoke mostly about the nation and not the man.

Netanyahu is a true leader. I oh-so-wish we had someone in DC half the man as Bibi.


Big Mike said...

Amen to that BZ!