Monday, October 12, 2015

I Thought This Was One Issue Conservatives Agreed On

As much as the main stream media likes to portray conservative Republicans as mind numbed robots who are in lock step on every single issue, that is not true, as there are many issues that Republicans have nuanced or sometimes substantial disagreement over.

But there was one issue that I thought almost every conservative Republican pretty much agreed on:  opposition to the Supreme Court's Kelo decision of eminent domain, where eminent domain was used to take away private property [homes] from citizens and give it to a private developer [in this case the Pfizer drug company]. 

So, in my opinion and I think for most conservatives, the Kelo decision represented an abuse of the use of eminent domain, as it wasn't used by the local government for ex., to build important access roads that would be beneficial to the overwhelming majority of the citizens, but for a private company or developer's use for their own personal gain.   

Donald Trump to home owners:  "You don't own that"
I thought most conservatives were against that until I 'heard' a deafening silence by conservative pundits [especially those Donald Trump supporters] after the leading candidate on the GOP side, Donald Trump said he loves eminent domain and thinks that it is a wonderful thing.  Check out this video from Donald Trump being interviewed by Bret Baier on the great Fox News Channel show Special Report, October 6, 2015:

This is one issue where, unlike many others, Donald Trump has not changed positions through the years.  He held this position in the 1990's as he used it to attempt to take away a widow's home that she owned for his own personal gain.  

Check this video out from the Institute of Justice on May 16, 2011:  

Okay, I have an honest question for Donald Trump supporters.  If this wasn't Donald Trump saying this but it was Jeb Bush [or any of the other GOP candidates] saying the exact same thing, would you still be praising him or would you be blasting him?  

Come on, be honest! 

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