Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hillary Can Kiss The Veterans' Vote Goodbye

Well, this may play well in the Democrat primary and with liberal Democrat voters, but Hillary Clinton's recent comments downplaying the problems veterans are experiencing with health care from the Veterans Administration shouldn't help her with the majority of the veterans vote.  She basically has inferred that this is really just a Republican plot using it as a political issue and it is not really that serious. 

Dan Caldwell of the Concerned Veterans For America
This point was emphasized by Dan Caldwell, the legislative director of the Concerned Veterans for America, on Gretchen Carlson's great afternoon show on the Fox News Network, 'The Real Story'.  Also, on the CVA web site the Concerned Veterans for America "Condemns Hillary Clinton For Minimizing Problems at the VA".  

Watch this segment from "The Real Story" on October 26, 2015:

It's a shame that Hillary Clinton, while blaming Republicans for playing politics, is actually the ideologue playing politics, as she is overlooking the problems veterans are having at the VA in order to pander to her big government, hate Republicans, liberal base.

Maybe not for all, but for the overwhelming majority, Hillary can kiss the veterans' vote goodbye.

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