Monday, October 5, 2015

Congratulations To The 2015 Playoff Bound Houston Astros

When word came in the dugout during the Astros final game of the season that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim had lost their game, celebration would soon come at the end of the game, as that meant the Houston Astros had made the playoffs as a Wild Card team, their first playoff appearance since 2005. 

Congratulations 2015 Houston Astros!

Another thing to celebrate was the Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve getting a hit on his last time at bat to make 200 hits for the second year in a row...which is a first in franchise history. 
Congratulations All Star Jose Altuve and the 2015 Houston Astros

What is amazing is the quick turn around for the Houston Astros franchise as prior to last year, the Astros were the worst team in Major League Baseball losing 100 games in each of those years.  What is even more amazing is that in 2013 the Astros had lost 111 games with their record being 51-111.  That means in only two years the Astros went from 51 wins to this year's 86 wins as they ended the season at 86-76, a 35 win turn around in just 2 years. 

That may explain the wild celebration in the club house after the game.  If you don't think the Astros were excited because they didn't win the division, think again.  Wait until you see this video with manager A.J. Hinch addressing the team. 

A.J,'s over-exuberance led to some colorful language, that is usually not allowed on this blog, so please do not play this if you have any young children around.  

WARNING: This video is definitely X-Rated. 

Oct. 4, 2015: Houston Astros Manager A.J. Hinch addresses the team following the last game of the season in which they earned a Wild Card berth into the playoffs:

Now let's Go Astros and beat those Yankees Tuesday at Yankee Stadium in the Wild Card game!

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