Wednesday, September 30, 2015

St. Louis Vet Paralyzed After Being Senselessly Shot In St. Louis

Hat tipto my great patriotic cousin in St. Louis, Gary Goldstein, who posted the following story on his FaceBook page, with the simple but appropriate question:  "Why didn't this story make national news?"

With some of the local crime stories [I guess that are deemed politically correct] that do make national news, it does make me also wonder why a horrible senseless crime like this that happened to one of our vets in St. Louis didn't make national news. 

The story comes from the St. Louis Fox 2 Now website: "'Person of Interest' in police custody after mugging leaves vet paralyzed after Cards game."

"ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A 'person of interest' [a man in his 30's] is in police custody in connection with a mugging that left a veteran paralyzed after a St. Louis Cardinals game." 

43 year old St. Louis veteran Chris Sanna
"Chris Sanna, a 43-year-old Army veteran was at Busch Stadium Friday night to celebrate his mom`s birthday. When Chris and his girlfriend headed to his car parked at the old Cathedral, a man jumped out of a car at Memorial Drive and Walnut and robbed them. They complied. As they started to run away the thief fired two shots one hitting Chris` spinal cord. Chris' mother Candis Sanna says her son fell to the ground and the gunman went through is pockets after he shot him."

God Bless Hero Chris Sanna
How abhorrent and sickening is this, that one of our hero veterans, only 43 years old, takes his mom out to celebrate her birthday at a baseball game is not just robbed, but he complied with the assailant and was still shot in the back and left paralyzed.  So sad, I pray for Chris and his mom and the whole family.  

What really makes this a national story is this is not the first time this has happened recently in St. Louis where a victim was shot even after they complied with the "robber".   

This is becoming a pattern, as the end of the article reveals from the Fox 2News website:  "This is the third time this month a robbery victim in the city has been shot after handing over their possessions to the thief. The chief has asked the FBI to help in the investigation."

Many may not agree with me, but this crime is so evil, that could leave a man paralyzed the rest of his life, I think it should be a death penalty administered to the guilty person.

I pray for Chris and his family and if any of you would like to support Chris, here is his Go Fund Me page.   Thanks! 

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