Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Small Business Owners Day

I say happy small business owners day because without the great hard working and innovative small business owners of America, there would be a whole lot less laboring going on.  :-)

Oh, yes they did build that Comrade Obama


Milepost 154 said...

That a small business could operate successfully, much less people WANTING to open a NEW small business in California, I find amazing.

The more small business owners I speak to, the more difficult I hear they find it to function every year.

California's SB 350 wants to CUT gas usage by 50% shortly, and will enact PENALTIES if you drive "too much," along with physical gas restrictions.

Gas restrictions. When gas if reasonable and plentiful.

Leftist SOCIAL ENGINEERING at the expense of the health of the state and its residents, courtesy of Leftists, Progressives and Demorats.


Big Mike said...

Yep, BZ, not to rub it in...but glad I live in Texas! :-)