Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Carly Fiorina's "Persona" Shines In This Great Ad

About a week ago Donald Trump insulted fellow GOP candidate Carly Fiorina's appearance by saying, "look at that face, who would vote for that face?"  Trump came back by saying, I wasn't talking about her looks, I was talking about her "persona".  Well, personally I am not buying that bridge the un-presidential Trump is trying to sell.  

What Carly Fiorina's persona shouts out to me - presidential
Carly Fiorina, who is almost single hand-idly carrying the attack against Hillary Clinton so far this campaign, did not take the bait of coming back at the classless Trump with a like-wise insult of his appearance [like I would have done].  

Instead this "Carly For America" PAC has come up with this brilliant ad, that attacks Trump's premise, without even mentioning his name, and at the same time also turns its attack against the Democrats.  Brilliant!

Bravo, Carly Fiorina for this great ad:


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