Friday, September 11, 2015

9-11-2001 We Must Never Forget

Repeat post from last 9-11 anniversary

Never forget  9-11-2001

I took these pictures when we were on our stop over in New York City on our vacation a couple of years ago:                 


Heroes all!
The following video is of Leonard Slatkin conducting the BBC Orchestra on the the last night of the Proms in London on September 15, 2001 given in honor of those who lost their lives on the terrorist attack on America from a few days earlier.  

H/T to Auviex on You tube for this heart wrenching video that contains scenes from ABC's "Report From Ground Zero" documentary movie during the playing of Barber's Adagio for strings.

 Samuel Barber:  Adagio For Strings:


bradley said...

Beautiful trubute to the brave who suffered and yes we will NEVER forget what happened and who did it!!!!

Big Mike said...

Amen, brother.