Thursday, August 20, 2015

Will It Be 'Never Again' Or 'Never Mind'

One of the most evil demonstrations of inhumanity in world history occurred during Hitler's Nazis "final solution" plan to kill every Jew in Europe.  Six million Jews were killed during the horror of the Holocaust and so many in the world asked, "how could the world stand by and let this happen?" 

With the liberation of the concentration camps in 1945 by the Allied forces, the survivors of the Holocaust stated "Never Again", meaning that never again would the world stand by to let another Holocaust happen.  

Of course, in the state of Israel, the phrase "Never Again" has a special meaning to the leaders and people of the Jewish state.  Never again will they allow to occur the attempted extermination of the Jewish people, and never will they allow anyone to eliminate the Jewish State of Israel.  

Many people have said that such evil that occurred during the Holocaust could never happen again. No leaders or nations could be as evil as Hitler and the Nazis. Unfortunately, we have the Mullahs of the Islamic state of Iran who announced to the world their intention of eliminating the Jewish state of Israel and killing all the Jews.  Even the Nazis didn't announce to the world their evil intentions of killing all the Jews.  

For decades Iran has had a nuclear program with the intention of building nuclear weapons to use those weapons to eliminate the state of Israel and kill the Jews.  This is the threat the Mullahs of Iran have announced to the world and not only the leaders in Israel, but every leader in the world who actually believes in the motto, "Never Again," must take them seriously.   

The leaders  of Israel, and even the opposition parties in Israel, all agree that this Iran nuclear deal threatens the security and existence of the state of Israel.  In this post I did a few days ago, Israel Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer explains clearly why no deal is better than this bad deal with Iran.  Ambassador Dermer's words from the post: "The survival of the state of Israel is a big deal.  And we feel that this deal threatens the survival of Israel."

Rarely in history do the members of the United States Congress have a chance to make a major impact on important world events, possibly nation saving events.  But this Iran deal that if it goes through could threaten the survival of the state of Israel and the Jewish people of Israel, is coming before the House and the Senate of the United States, where they have a chance to pass a resolution of rejection of the deal and make a real difference for the security of the United States and the state of Israel.

The support for Israel and it's survival as a Jewish state has been the one, if not the only one, bi-partisan issue throughout the decades. 

While I am a Republican, this is one issue I never want to be a partisan issue.  With Senator Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona coming out a couple of days ago against the Iran deal, it is now pretty clear there will be very close to unanimous, if not unanimous rejection of the Iran nuclear deal by the Republicans in the House and the Senate.  

I am hoping and praying the majority of Democrats help keep this to remain as the one bi-partisan issue by joining with the Republicans to reject this deal, and then over-ride the president's veto of their rejection.  Each individual member of congress has a chance to make a real historical difference with their votes.  

In doing so, the congress of the United States will have made themselves proud [Democrats and Republicans alike] by sending a message that will reverberate in Tehran and that message will be heard loudly and clearly in every capital of the world:  NEVER AGAIN!  

Israel - The Jewish State now and forever
Iran has announced its intention to make nuclear weapons to destroy the Jewish state of Israel and kill the Jews.  A nuclear deal which enriches Iran with money and gives them the means which paves the way to create those weapons in the future and carry out a second Holocaust is before the congress of the United States of America.

The words of "Never Again" are echoing in the halls of congress from the survivors of the Holocaust.  

I pray that the members of the House and the Senate heed those words by rejecting this deal and delivering the message of Never Again!, and not never mind, to Tehran and the world. 

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