Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Two Best Statements Of The GOP Debates

I don't care who your [Republicans] candidate for president is, I bet there is a consensus on the two best statements that were made in the GOP debates that were held on the Fox News Channel [unless your one of those annoying Trump supporters, or troll Democrat plants, that are reminding me like the Ron Paulbots, who are putting down every single other GOP candidate not named Donald Trump as being a RINO and being part of the establishment] 

One of the great comments was made in debate one in the late afternoon, and the other great comment was made in the prime time debate #2.  

They are both so great I can't delineate which is #1 and which is #2, so, I must call it a tie.  

The GOP candidates who made the best statements in the debates:
Senator Marco Rubio - FL

Former CEO, Carly Fiorina - CA

First let's hear the great statement of debate #1 from Carly Fiorina:

The second best statement from the GOP debate #2 from Sen Marco Rubio:

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