Friday, August 7, 2015

The Great GOP Debates - Carly Fiorina Stands Above All

Well being a political junkie, I love when the debates, either for the nomination, or for the presidency occur.  Tonight August 6, 2015 it was really great to see two debates that encompassed all 17 of the GOP presidential candidates for president that took place in Cleveland on the Fox News Channel.

Debate # 1 in the late afternoon had those candidates who did not make the top 10 in the early polls: Gov Rick Perry-TX, Gov Bobby Jindal-LA, Senator Rick Santorum-PA, CEO Carly Fiorina-CA, Gov George Pataki-NY, Gov Jim Gilmore-VA, and Senator Lindsey Graham-SC.  

I really thought all candidates after a slow start did really well.  Gov Rick Perry, after his abysmal performance in the 2012 debates had no where to go but up, and he did a much more credible job than last time out.  He showed energy and emphasized his strong record in job creation in Texas.  I think he finished #2.   I thought Bobby Jindal was impressive and strong.  I consider him finishing 3rd in this debate. Senator Lindsey Graham, I believe in my heart, knows he will not be the nominee and I think he is in the race to make sure a strong national defense policy is emphasized...he did a good job of that.

But there was one candidate who stood tall, way above all the rest.  Carly Fiorina, not just by my thoughts, but listening to the Hugh Hewitt show and listening to the pundits on the Fox News Channel [like Charles Krauthammer, Stephen Hayes, Chris Wallace, Karl Rove and Laura Ingraham] was the clear consensus winner of this first debate.  Carly Fiorina gave succinct, precise answers on not just economic issues, but also on foreign policy/national security issues, where she showed surprising knowledge.  

Carly Fiorina - slam dunk winner of the early first GOP debate
Carly Fiorina emphasized that she was not in the Washington political class, she was a conservative.  She made the funny quip of the night in a swipe at Donald Trump when she said "I didn't get a call from Bill Clinton before I jumped in the race...maybe that's because I didn't make a donation to the Clinton foundation." 

The most important moment for me that made this a slam dunk win for Carly Fiorina was her statement that [paraphrasing] "the first day in office, I will make 2 phone calls.  The first to my friend Bibi Netanyahu to let him know that the United Stares [under her presidency] stands with Israel, and the second call will be to the Ayatollah in Iran.  He may not take my call but he will hear my message.  Dismantle your nuke program."

I predict, and this is an easy one as I believe everyone is saying this, Carly Fiorina will have a big jump in the polls and will make the top tier of candidates for the next debate.

My top two candidates for president have been Senator Marco Rubio-FL and Governor Scott Walker-WI, but after seeing this very impressive performance by Carly Fiorina I am re-considering and could very well make her my #1 choice.   She is definitely in the top three in my opinion and will be so in the final stages of the campaign.   
UpdateWow, I was impressed with Carly Fiorina after her debate performance, but am I even more impressed after she took on the liberal from MSNBC, Chris Matthews who was upset that Fiorina used the word liar in reference to Hillary Clinton.  Watch how Fiorina manages to do something I have never seen before.  Shut up Chris Matthews. 

Hat/tip to Roger L. Simon on Facebook for this link to the RightScoop web site for this video.

Debate #2:  What a lively exciting debate the main prime time debate was.  There were so many good exchanges between a strong field and most at times looked good with not a clear winner like in the first debate.  I loved the first question that set the tone of the evening, because it neutralized the front runner going in, Donald Trump, and instead of the whole evening being about Trump, the other candidates were able to shine.  

The first question of the night by Bret Baier that he said would be the only question he asked that he would ask the candidates to raise their hands:  "Is there any candidate on the stage tonight that would not pledge to support the nominee of the Republican Party and not pledge to run an independent campaign, if you do not get the nomination?"  Donald Trump, of course, was the only candidate who raised his hand.  He got resoundingly booed. 

To me, that marked the beginning of the end of the legitimacy of the Trump candidacy as being the Republican nominee.  How the hell can any true Republican vote for a candidate who won't even pledge to support the nominee of the party he supposedly represents?

Senator Marco Rubio gives strong performance and the best line of the main debate
While there were no clear winners in this debate, I think Gov Chris Christie-NJ, and Gov John Kasich-OH [two men who are certainly not my favorites-but I must be honest in my assessment] were surprisingly strong and joined Senator Ted Cruz who was very good on national security issues and Senator Marco Rubio [with his very strong finish] as the top four candidates of the night.  Senator Rubio had the best line of the night in the second debate when he said [paraphrasing] "look at all of the great candidates on this stage [for the GOP], while the Democrats are struggling to come up with just one good candidate".

Except for Donald Trump and Rand Paul, the others Republicans on the stage [Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee and Dr. Ben Carson] in my opinion, were close behind the top four I have named.

So, my take on the whole night was this was a great night for the Republican Party as the nation saw the strong field the GOP has compared to the weak "field" [1] that the Democrats are putting up.

This was a great debate night overall, not the sometimes boring debates we have seen in the past.  It was a true debate between some great men and woman. 

The clear winner of the night was Carly Fiorina and the two losers of the night were Donald Trump and Rand Paul. 


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed both debates and also was thrilled to see Carly Fiorina get a chance to really show America what kind of a leader she will be in the oval office! At this point, I have several favorites, and she is definitely one of them. I have been a supporter of Ted Cruz since he began his run for Senator in Texas. His performance was excellent, as I knew it would be. Marco Rubio and Ben Carson had good points, as did others. And I totally agree with you that Trump and Paul were the losers. Although I was glad that Trump was there because he brought in a LOT of viewers, he showed himself to be much be thin skinned and not have enough substance to really be considered. I found myself thinking that he reminded me of Barack Obama - not a good thing! Rand Paul really seemed like a spoiled brat - interrupting and yelling, but he never really smiled! I understand that he wanted to make his points, but he was so obnoxious that it got in the way of his statements. All in all, it was a great night for the GOP and a bad night for Hillary. Great analysis, Big Mike! Steelbutterfly.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Steelbutterfly! Yes, on second reflection it was good Trump was in the debate because it brought in a huge audience and that can only be good for the GOP. Great point!