Friday, August 21, 2015

Quinnipiac Poll Shows That There Is One Clear GOP Nominee Who Can Win In 2016

All you have to do is look at the headlines of this Quinnipiac poll of different match-ups in the key swing states I found on Real Clear Politics and there are two stark numbers that shouts out [if this poll is accurate] who must be our [GOP] nominee for president for 2016, for those who actually want the Republican Party to win the White House in 2016.    

I am going to show it here, and before I tell you, see if you can guess who I am talking about who must be our nominee.

Quinnipiac Swing State Poll

Did you guess?    Yes, it is Senator Marco Rubio.

There are two states that the GOP has to win if they are to win the White House and there are two states that if they win them, they will win the White House.   Those two states are Florida and Ohio.  The GOP cannot win without those states and the Democrats cannot win if they lose those two states. 

Look at the poll.   Senator Marco Rubio is the only one of the three GOP candidates mentioned who beats Hillary Clinton in Ohio, and he clobbers Hillary in Florida by 12 points.   That would be a landslide in Florida. 

Senator Marco Rubio - The best communicator since Reagan
Plus, the GOP doesn't need this state but in PA, Rubio wins by 7 points over Hillary Clinton.  If these results are even close to being true in these key swing states, and it was Rubio vs Clinton in the presidential election, this poll, by probable projection, suggests that Marco Rubio would win a landslide vote to match the Nixon and Reagan landslides. 

If the GOP really wants to win and stop a third term of a leftist plagued Obama administration continue in the form of a Clinton or Biden, Senator Marco Rubio is the man!

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