Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Guy Benson On The "Painful" Hillary Clinton Presser And Five Lies She Told

Hugh Hewitt had a powerful show on Tuesday late afternoon discussing the big Hillary Clinton e-mail story and the trouble she is in.  In hour 1, Hugh talked about the breaking news from NBC that the FBI has said they may be able to recover some of the deleted e-mails form the server that Hillary attempted to wipe clean.  Hugh said this could be the beginning of the end of the Hillary Clinton campaign and that the Democrats have to have that sinking feeling you have when you know your leading contender for the nomination is in huge trouble.  To read a transcript of hour 1 of the Hugh Hewitt show please go to Hugh's web site.  Also, to hear any hour of any Hugh Hewitt show I suggest, like I have, subscribed to the Hughniverse where you can get any podcast of Hugh's show and much more than that.

Hugh Hewitt host of the Hugh Hewitt Show
Guy Benson editor at Townhall

In hour 2 Hugh continued the discussion at the beginning of the hour in a riveting interview with Guy Benson, the chief political editor of Townhall and co-author with Mary Katherine Ham of "End of Discussion."  This was great radio as Guy Benson gave a clear, vivid description of the "painful", as he called it, presser that Hillary Clinton had just had.   Hugh and Guy discovered five, count 'em, five lies that Hillary told in this quickly ended press conference.  Guy Benson then gave a detailed delineation of the five lies given by Hillary Clinton.  This was must listen to radio. 

Please turn up the volume and listen to Guy Benson being interviewed in hour 2 of the Hugh Hewitt Show on Tuesday August 18, 2015:  

Great job Hugh and Guy!   

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