Friday, August 14, 2015

Governor Kasich's Answer To This Hugh Hewitt Question Could Hurt His Chance At The Nomination

I am a conservative Republican who wants desperately to win the White House in 2016 over Hillary or whoever the Democrat nominee is and will support with all my heart and vote for any of the 17 candidates vying for the nomination on the GOP side.

Governor John Kasich -OH
John Kasich, while not my first choice, really impressed me in the debate on the Fox News Channel, and I see why he rightly rose in the polls after that debate.  He is a moderate to conservative successful governor of the most important state of Ohio, that the GOP must win, if we are to win the presidency.  He is a serious, legitimate candidate who I can understand why he is gaining support.

With all that said, Governor Kasich's answer [or more like lack of answer] to one of Hugh Hewitt's questions that Hugh asked him on his radio show on Tuesday, August 11, 2015, could and I think should, really hurt him in garnering the nomination.  Like I said, I still would support him with all my heart if he wins our nomination, but I think this could relegate Governor Kasich to have a better chance at the VP slot [as we must win Ohio, which he could help us do] than the top spot.

The question that Hugh Hewitt asked Governor Kasich was about Hillary Clinton using a personal server for her e-mails [31.000 of which she destroyed] that we now know contained secret classified information that should never have been sent from a non secure server.  To be fair to the governor, I believe this interview was taken before it was learned that the justice department was finally going to look into this and before Hillary was forced to turn in her server to the FBI. 

Governor Kasich stunned me with his answer that he didn't want to talk about that [Hillary and her problems], he would rather talk about what his plans were and that he wasn't in the mood for "trashing" other people.   

When I heard that, I literally stood up and yelled at the radio, WHAT?  Your not into trashing other people.  Hillary Clinton is in almost all certainty going to be the Democrat candidate you would be facing if you are our nominee, and your not into trashing people.  Well, I can tell you one thing governor Kasich, Hillary Clinton will have no qualms at trashing you, and trashing you in a lying way, so you better as hell be in the mood for fighting back against her on her illegal actions or you will be destroyed in the general election.  

I want you to first listen to Hugh set up his question and then ask it, and first listen to the long pause [that had me upset right there, because I knew that meant he didn't want to answer the question] and then listen to his incredible answer that he wasn't into "trashing" other people. 

Note:  thanks to the Hughniverse web site for this podcast

John Kasich On The Hugh Hewitt Show, August 11. 2015:

I could be way off base and this answer won't hurt Governor Kasich at all, but for me I don't want someone who is not going to take Hillary Clinton head on and attack her weakness if need be to win the election.    We have many candidates, who can do so and can do so effectively, like Governor Walker, Senator Rubio and Carly Fiorina, just to name three [who just by chance, happen to be my three favorites]  :-)  

But let me emphasize once again, I am into winning back the White House for the Republicans, especially in this crucial election that will determine the direction of this country for generations.  I will support whoever our nominee is with everything I have.  

This country cannot afford any more years of an extended Obama presidency in the form of Hillary Clinton.  My daughter and soon to be first grandchild are too important for me to let that happen. 
Update:  I just was thinking I forgot to put in this post my most important point.  Hugh Hewitt was asking about Hillary's questionable, to be kind, and criminal at worst e-mail handling policy when she was the Secretary of State of the United States and he asked Kasich to comment on that, and Kasich thought to be commenting on that would be "trashing" Hillary Clinton.  That still has me shaking my head.  So, if he considers commenting on that kind of behavior as "trashing" someone, he will never, ever criticize his Democrat opponent if he is our nominee.  Come on, we can't win like that.  



Sheralyn said...

He reminds me so much of Boehner. The impression that he gives is one of weakness and no guts. Like you, if it came down to any of the Democrats and him, I'd be forced to vote for him, but he'd never be my first choice. Telling people about his record is fine, but it's not what he has done that I'm interested in, but what he will do. We endured almost 8 years of weak kneed, gutless, lying, cowardly, backstabbing Republicans and most of the conservative base is sick of it and don't want to see it anymore. If he thinks that this strategy is going to work in his favor, he's not paying attention and that's scary in itself. What it will do is help those of us who don't think that weakness is an asset weed out the weaklings, and get to those who are willing to fight for what we, the citizens, want. All we need is another crying partner for Boehner.

Big Mike said...

But tell me what you really think, Mrs. B! :-)))

Anonymous said...

Sheralyn is spot on. First, it was a pleasure to meet her (and you, Mike) at TribbleFest. Second, the GOP still doesn't understand what it is about Trump that appeals. Trump is the wrong messenger of course and is a One Trick Pony for the frustrated. But Kasich did himself no favors with his responses -- along with being testy with Hugh. Kasich, Hugh doesn't need YOU, you need HIM to get your message across. I too yelled, but at my laptop screen instead of the radio. I too thought, just like Sheralyn, you moron! It's your LACK of stomach to fight that keeps the GOP tending to lose. As my 60 Civics teacher said: "Democrats don't win elections; Republicans lose them."


Big Mike said...

Thanks so much BZ. It was an honor to meet you at Tribblefest. I will show Sheralyn your reply when she gets home from work. 😀