Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Donald Trump Does Not Speak For Me

I am a conservative Republican who cares deeply that the Republicans take back control of the White House in 2016.  

Donald Trump is leading in many of the state polls and all of the national polls for the GOP nomination for president.  With that reality, Trump has been defining the debate of what issues [or better said one issue of illegal immigration] that the Republican Party should be running on in this election.  With the lack of sustained criticism from the other GOP candidates, he has become like the de facto spokesman for the Republican Party. 

Because of that sad reality, I want it to be known that Donald Trump does not speak for me.  I am specifically talking about Trump's demagoguery that he would round up and deport all of the millions of illegal immigrants here in this country.  

I want to stop the flow of illegal immigration into this country.  Yes, and that means building a fence.  I do not want to grant amnesty with a path to citizenship to any illegal immigrant in this country now.  No one who is not an American citizen [that means those who came here illegally] should ever be allowed to vote.

I, like Trump, do not like the idea of women entering this country illegally just before birth, so that their child is an American citizen and hope their is some law we can craft to stop that from happening.  But for Trump to imply that he can just snap his fingers and end the 14th Amendment is totally unrealistic, that is not going to happen. 

I also do not want to send "ICE" agents around this country searching for illegal immigrants, who have not broken the law while in this country, to send them back to the country of their origin.  That is not practical, that is not reality, that is not right.  

Trump says he does not know how many millions of immigrants are here illegally.  Then how the hell is he going to find them to send them back, and as he adds idiotically, but "the really good ones" he will let them right back in this country.  What does Trump propose, to go around to every family with an Hispanic name and make them prove that they are U.S. citizens?  Or go around to every business and check to see if any of the employees there who have Hispanic names to prove they are U.S. citizens?

Yeah, that's a way to bring Hispanics to consider voting for the Republican Party.  

Come on, don't you remember how mad we get with the demagoguery of Obama and the leftist Democrats who always say to Latino groups that when we [GOP] call for a fence and no amnesty, they will say that we really mean is that want to round up and deport all illegal immigrants.  We rightly get outraged when they say that and loudly say that is a lie.  No Republican is saying that [except maybe Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter].  But now the GOP candidate who is leading for the nomination is saying that.  We can no longer say no Republican is saying that, but we certainly can speak out against that Republican who is saying that. 

Don't you remember [GOP] how outraged we were at Obama during the debate about the Arizona illegal immigration law, when he told Hispanics, "you will be walking with your son to get some ice cream, and they want to yank you out of line from you crying son to check your papers so they can deport you" [implying if you do not have papers].  That infuriated me how Obama was lying trying to scare Hispanics and divide this country by race for political gain.  It literally made me sick to my stomach.  Now we actually have Trump proposing to round up and deport all of the illegal immigrants. 

I guess Clinton and Trump were on the same page here
Don't you remember how we [Republicans] were outraged at the Bill Clinton administration for sending armed ICE agents into the family of the little boy Elian Gonzales to take him screaming away from his family, and to deport him back to Cuba.  I guess Donald Trump supported getting that illegal alien out of here.  Hmm, maybe that's why Trump has donated money to Clinton.  Oh, of course, if in his benevolence, if Trump deemed Elian to be "one of the good ones", he would quickly get him back in here.

I know this will get me calls of being a RINO, but I will say this.  I am going to support the GOP nominee for president whoever it is.  My last five choices who I really hope do not get the nomination [from the bottom up] are Trump, Paul, Graham, Christie and Jeb Bush.  But if it comes down to Trump vs. Jeb Bush, I will do everything in my power to help Jeb get the nomination.  I want to win in 2016 and Donald Trump [despite his protestations to the exact opposite], I believe, may be the only GOP candidate who can not beat Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden.  

Donald Trump, when you painted with a broad brush that Mexico is "sending" their murderers and rapists here [implying it was all of the illegal immigrants] you did not speak for me.   When you said John McCain was not a true hero of this country because he was captured [and tortured], you did not speak for me.  When you said that you admired those in the military that did not get captured much more than you admired those that did get captured [and were tortured] you did not speak for me.  

And when you, Donald Trump, say that you will round up and deport every single illegal immigrant, man, woman and child, you do not speak for me

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