Monday, August 10, 2015

Carly Fiorina Names The Three Big Hillary Lies

When I first posted this, I used the meaning the same way Lionel Ritchie did for the phrase, "once, twice, three times a lady" that a lady may be such a great lady that you have to say it three times to show how great--and I applied that to Hillary Clinton that she is "three times a liar" to mean that Hillary is such a great liar that we have to say it three times, as just once won't do. 

But I am repeating this post in light of the star of first GOP debates, Carly Fiorina, actually naming specific three lies that Hillary Clinton has told.   She has nailed it with Hillary's lies on Benghazi, lies about her e-mails, and lies about her personal server.  Listen to the great Carly Fiorina in this video:  

Wow, when GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina called Hillary three times a liar, do you think maybe, just maybe, Carly reads The Tales?   :-) 

Without further ado, this repeat post from June of 2015. 

Once, Twice, Three Times A Liar: 

No, this post is not about president Obama, although it could easily be [of course what an understatement the word three would be in that case].  

I am so glad the great singer and entertainer, Lionel Ritchie, one of my favs, is still alive or he would be rolling in his grave with this singing.  :-)

Rather than make any comment, I will let the video "sing" for itself, so you will have to view the video to find out which grandma, I mean, who is three times a liar.

Grandma, your pants suit is on fire

Once, Twice, Three Times A Liar:

For more on why Hillary cannot be our next president and the way for the GOP to stop her order Hugh Hewitt's new book:  "The Queen"
Special Tales Bonus Video:  I know most of you have seen this video  by now, but it never gets old of Carly Fiorina, after her huge victory in debate 1 on the Fox News Channel, when being interviewed on MSNBC, do the amazing feat of getting the obnoxious Chris Matthews to shut up, with words of such great truth that Matthews had no comeback response.

Carly Fiorina schooling Chris Matthews on the lying grandma:

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