Monday, August 17, 2015

Ambassador Ron Dermer: "The Survival Of Israel Is A Big Deal"

One of the best communicators in the world I know is Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer.  He was on Fareed Zakaria's GPS show on Sunday afternoon on CNN, making the case for opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.  Fareed Zakariah had just made the case for the deal when he spoke of  a "letter" he had for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on why he was wrong in opposing the deal.  

Israel Ambassador to the United States - Ron Dermer
Ambassador Dermer made the strongest case yet on why no deal was better than this bad deal.  

Fareed Zakariah asked the Ambassador of Israel if it wasn't true that close relations with the United States and the administration of the United States was very important for Israel's security and that you are at odds with this administration on this deal.  Ambassador Dermer replied to Mr. Zakariah, "there is no question that this is the most important relationship we have in the world and that we are at odds with this administration on this deal. That is a big deal.  But let me tell you something else that is a big deal.  The survival of the state of Israel is a big deal.  And we feel that this deal threatens the survival of Israel."

In a great quip by Ambassador Dermer, when talking about the support for Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel in opposing this deal, Ron Dermer said: "Not even Moses had this much support."

Please turn up the volume and listen to the great Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer make the case against this Iran deal on Fareed Zakaria GPS on Sunday, August 16, 2015:

Thank you and God Bless you Ambassador Dermer and the State of Israel.  I am just one of millions of Americans who support you in opposition to this bad Iran deal. 


Sheralyn said...

Upon listening to the interview with Ambassador Ron Dermer it is clear that Israel should be feeling very blessed to have him and Prime Minister Netanyahu in positions of authority and defenders of Israel. It's very clear that the host of the show is in favor of the deal, blinded by hopeful thinking and loyalty to the Obama administration. It appears that peace at any cost is the prevailing line of thought, except it isn't based in reality. How can you believe that this deal is going to do anything but, give Iran the money and time to do what it's stated goal is, …"to destroy Israel" the little Satan and America, the big Satan. In PM Netanyahu's 7/14/2015 speech he stated, " Iran's Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei, said on March 21 that the deal does not limit Iran's aggression in any way. He said: 'Negotiations with the United States are on the nuclear issue and on nothing else.' And three days ago he made that clear again. 'The United States', he said, 'embodies global arrogance, and the battle against it will continue unabated even after the nuclear agreement is concluded.' Tell me what it is about these statements that would make anyone with any common sense believe that signing this deal is going to help Israel or America for that matter? It's illogical and blind to the history of Iran! The cohost made the remark, ". . . sanctions are very leaky and countries don't always abide by them . " Well the same thing can be said of treaties or agreements like the one he is advocating. Actually, he just made the case for not signing the agreement. Furthermore, have we not learned anything about confirming agreements, Obama Care, without reading and discussing them thoroughly? Even members of the administration have admitted that there are side deals and that they haven't read them. It's just idiotic on behalf of anyone to go along with this deal. The president stated in a previous interview that the congress can't just say that they want a better deal. No, what they can say is that they want a deal period. According to what has been presented about this agreement, Iran has gotten everything that they wanted and more. The only thing left to offer is for us to build and deliver the bombs to them. And as for the president's worry about how international leaders will view the US if this deal is rejected by our congress, that ship sailed during his first year in office as he continually bent over and kissed the ass of every leader that would allow him too. No one respects him, just ask Putin. He gives him the finger every day with a smile on his face.

Ambassador Dermer was asked, "Is it possible to be loyal to Israel and in favor of this deal" to which he answered "Yes". I disagree with him, because loyalty requires more than words, it requires action. Favoring this deal puts Israel in more danger than it is now. It's like being sentenced to go before the firing squad, and taking extra bullets for your executioner just in case he runs short. How can you support a deal that you know is going to strengthen you enemy? One that consistently tells you that their goal is to wipe you off the map? I can only hope and pray that the Congress for once, gets the guts to say no, to the smooth talking liar in the white house, but I don't hold out much hope because they've shown themselves to be spineless.

God bless Israel, Ambassador Dermer, and Prime Minister Netanyahu. The survival of Israel is more important than the legacy of Obama.


Big Mike said...

Wow, Mrs. B. I called Ambassador Dermer one of the best communicators I have ever heard, I may have to include, along with the fetching Sheralyn. :-)

Anonymous said...

First thoughts:

1. "Peace at any cost" isn't really peace, but capitulation to those who would do the West harm.

2. Sheralyn is a sleeper. Pretty quiet at Tribblefest, kinda like me, she's clearly an intellect and proves it here and in other comments.

3. I agree with Sheralyn when she disagrees with Dermer regarding the deal. I do not believe you can be in support of Israel and be in support of the deal -- a deal that its authors and supporters admit has "side deals" they've not yet read or understood. That's just lunacy.

Look, Muslims aren't shy. Terrorists aren't shy. They have been telling us over and over and over again, by words and deeds, precisely what they mean to do. Kill us or convert us. Or to just leave out that "convert" part.

Why is it so difficult to take them at their word?


bradley said...

Wow mike, put down your pen , sheralyn just hit a grand salami on frankness , honesty, and common sense -- I share sheralyns pessimism in halting the deal as the Obama pawns revere him like their God , would never go against him. I do however think it's possible to theoretically be in favor of Isarel and against the deal if one has nativity and ignorance of history going along with their Israel support!

bradley said...

That's naievity, not nativity-- spellcheck bomb

Big Mike said...

Thanks BZ and Brad!!

Joel said...

Well said, Sheralyn! I agree with you that you can't be loyal to Israel and support the deal. The Iranian regime can't be more specific in their desire to wipe Israel off the map. I am reading Fmr Ambassador Oren's book Ally, and he noted Obama's accommodation toward Iran and distancing of Israel right from the start.
You summarized the arguments well, Sheralyn. Keep up the good work! And thanks for the post, Michael!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Joel!