Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ambassador Dan Gillerman: President's Speech On Iran Deal Was A Big Mistake

Today, August 5, 2015, President Obama gave a speech at American University trying one more time to sell his Iran nuclear deal to congress and the American people.  I have to tell you this partisan, once again blaming America first [ex., "for invading Iraq" -- ie., it's all George W. Bush's fault], for the unstable situation in the Middle East, and his once again setting up the straw man argument that you either support his deal or you are in favor of war and in favor of Iran having nuclear weapons, and his comparing those in Iran shouting "death to America" to Republicans opposing this deal in congress literally made me sick to my stomach.  What an un-presidential speech that you would expect from a clueless jerk than you would from a president of the United States.

What really made me sick to my stomach was the young audience in the crowd who cheered and clapped at Obama's lying inanity.  They bought his straw man arguments hook, line and sinker. 

Thankfully, on the Fox News Channel's "Happening Now" show with Jenna Lee and Jon Scott, former Israel Ambassador to the United Nations, Dan Gillerman, came on to bring some sanity and truthfulness about Obama's speech.  His first words really made me feel good as they echoed my concern about the audience in the crowd who were clapping at this speech.  I thought to myself, wow, GMTA....but then I was brought back to reality realizing between me and Ambassador Gillerman there is only one truly great mind....and it sure isn't mine.  :-)

Former Israel Ambassador to the UN - Dan Gillerman
Ambassador Gillerman in summing up said : "This speech today on the Iran nuclear deal by president Obama was a big mistake because it is not about speech making, it is about deal making; it is not about eloquence, it's about leadership; and it's not about using a teleprompter, it is about using force and power sensibly and wisely."

Please listen to this great man, Dan Gillerman, giving his views regarding President Obama's speech that he gave before American University on his Iran nuclear deal.

Ambassador Dan Gillerman being interviewed by Jenna Lee on "Happening Now Show" on FNC, August 5, 2015

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