Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This Pledge Should Be Taken By GOP Candidates [July 27 Update]

This article, with a slight edit and two updates, was first published in June of 2015.

I am glad that RNC chairman Reince Preibus is determined to make sure that the GOP debates of potential 2016 presidential candidates do not make the same mistakes of the last couple of presidential campaigns where they ended up actually hurting instead of helping the eventual GOP nominee.  He is limiting the number of debates, the number of candidates in each debate and the moderators [trying to keep out the usual suspects of leftists journalists whose only aim is to make the GOP look bad].

GOP chairman, Reince Preibus, please add this requirement to participate in our debates.
With at least the first debate that will be aired on the Fox News Channel limited to the top ten candidates as determined by their place in the polls, I would like to add a requirement that I think Reince Preibus should add to make sure it is not just polls alone that determine who will get to participate in the nationally televised debates.  

I feel it would be a travesty if, for example, someone like the non-serious, non-Republican Donald Trump would be included in the debates and because of the polls, someone like the serious candidate, Carly Fiorina, was left out.  That would be very bad news for the GOP if that were to happen.

So, my proposal to ensure we actually get Republicans who are participating in the Republican Party debates is the following requirement that a candidate must meet in order to be eligible to participate in any televised debate: They must sign a pledge that they will support the eventual GOP nominee.  

Any candidate refusing to sign that pledge should not be allowed to participate in the debates.  How can someone wishing to represent the Republican Party as their candidate for president not be willing to support the Party if someone else is the nominee? 

I'll be honest, I realize this qualifier will in reality only apply to a couple of the candidates running as the overwhelming majority of candidates this time running are strong, serious legitimate Republicans who desperately want to see the GOP win in 2016

The only candidates who I think might not sign the pledge are Donald Trump and possibly Rand Paul [although Senator Paul has stated that he would support the GOP nominee to Hugh Hewitt as you will read below].

Donald Trump is someone who I have never considered to be a legitimate, serious Republican candidate.  Donald Trump is all about Donald Trump.  I really believe he would refuse to sign such a pledge because he doesn't truly support the GOP.  I could actually see him supporting Hillary Clinton over the GOP nominee after the dismal performance he will surely have in the primaries. 

As far as Senator Rand Paul is concerned, I am not sure if he would sign such a pledge or not.  I have to admit my unfair bias I have about him because I am concerned that he will, in the end, be like his father.  I know that is not fair of me, but I must give my honest opinion.  His father never was a legitimate Republican in my opinion, but rather he was a libertarian who only used the Republican Party as a vehicle to get elected in his GOP district.  

The great talk show host, Hugh Hewitt, when interviewing Rand Paul, asked him this important question [that most other talk show hosts wouldn't have even thought about to ask him], "will you support the GOP nominee?"  In my ears, I could be wrong, but I thought I heard a slight hesitation before he said unenthusiastically, yes.  That was important for Hugh to get him on record, and if Rand Paul will officially make that pledge he should be allowed in the debates.

I usually am against these so-called pledges and don't hold it against a candidate for not signing them [like a no tax pledge], but in this critical election, in my opinion, this pledge of loyalty to the party is an easy but important requirement a candidate must meet to be eligible to participate in the GOP debates

Please consider this, big Reince! 
Update, July 10, 2015Well, once again a Tales prediction came true.  I predicted in this post that Donald Trump would not agree to sign a pledge to support the GOP nominee and I just watched on the Fox News Channel, "The Five" show where they played an interview Sean Hannity had with Donald Trump on his show on July 9, 2015.  Sean Hannity asked Donald Trump directly if he would support the GOP nominee and Donald Trump said [just like I thought] "well we have to wait and see.  I'm not going to be like a regular politician and just say, yeah, I'll support the nominee."  

Then Sean asked him if he ruled out running as a third party candidate and Trump said, I am going to win the nomination.  But what if you won't, asked Sean, "well" paraphrasing Trump, "a lot of people would really like that and are begging me to do that.  A lot [he emphasized] of people want me to do that."  

So, Donald Trump wouldn't commit to supporting the GOP nominee against Hillary Clinton and he wouldn't rule out running as a third party candidate.  So, how the hell can we [the RNC] allow someone in the debates who won't commit to supporting the nominee of the party?  That's political suicide.

Come on Reince, Donald Trump by his own words has given you an out to keep him out of the debates.  I can just see it now, Trump beats out Carly Fiorina in the polls to make the debates so we have a non-serious candidate who is not a Republican in the debates and a strong female Republican kept out of the debates.  Boy, that will really look good for our party.   Sheesh!
Update: July 27, 2015:  This from Politico: Reince Priebus: GOP candidates should pledge not to make third-party bids

"Republican candidates for president should pledge not to run as a third-party candidate, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said Monday.

The remarks come days after current GOP front-runner Donald Trump hinted that he might pursue a third-party bid if the national committee treats him poorly during the primary process. In subsequent interviews, Trump has said the party has treated him well.

“Certainly, I think our candidates should pledge not to run as a third-party candidate", said Reince Priebus."

To read the entire Politico article, click here.

Wow, while not going all the way in what the Tales proposed but in coming some of the way by asking for this pledge of the GOP candidates, do you think that this means RNC Chairman Priebus reads the Tales?  

Tales reports, you decide.  :-) 



bradley said...

Such a simple basic pledge , this should always be the case! The debate candidates must not attack the others personally, must be cognizant of the ONLY goal-- defeat Hillary who is just Obama 2--- our foreign policy and respect in world at an all time low!

Big Mike said...

Amen, patriot Bradley! Thank you!