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The Top 10 Losers of The 2012 Election

I happened to notice this article the Tales published November 23, 2012, more than 2 1/2 years ago and I looked at the list of losers of the 2012 election I had posted to see how accurate the "Tales" was.  Looking back, if I do say so myself, Tales was amazingly prescient.  

I do think I may have been too quick to dismiss Karl Rove [#4] because of one bad polling cycle, and I think one could say I missed #9, as I didn't realize that the ingenuity by the private sector of fracking and other methods would, in spite of Obama's efforts to the contrary, increase America's oil production to offset an increased dependence on foreign oil.    Other than those two possible misses by the Tales, I think we were spot on.

Check out this post Tales published right after the 2012 election, on Nov. 23.
The Top 10 Losers Of The 2012 Election:

While on many sites you might see a list of winners and losers from the 2012 election, my heart just can't take just typing down the winners of this election.  I would have to put down those in the media who were winners of this election, and I don't think my health can take that.  So, I hope you grant me a pass on that.

Also, I am not going to put down as a loser the obvious-candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  Mitt Romney is a good decent patriot, who did everything in his power what he thought was needed to win this election.  Sure, you can Monday morning quarterback and name obvious things he could have done that might have made a difference in winning the election.   But I will leave that for others to do.   

So, excluding Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, here is Tales top 10 losers of the 2012 election:

1. The American people: because of the regulations-especially that will be initiated from the EPA; the higher taxes on the job producers; the restrictions on the energy producers; the establishment of Obamacare and the drawing down of America's military power-Americans will be hit with even more unemployment, higher gas prices, medical headaches, and a weakened security of this country due to a weakened military.

America, the big loser of the 2012 re-election of president Obama
 2. The future generations: We will be leaving our children and grand children in a lesser state of prosperity and hope then our parents and grand parents have left us.  Please read my post: Now's The Time For An Apology.

3. Israel: By giving the least supportive administration of Israel in our history four more years, the American electorate has told Israel, "you're on your own."

4. Pundits Karl Rove and Dick Morris: They disappointed many conservatives who hung on the hope that their convincing poll predictions of a sure Romney win was accurate.  It will be hard to believe them in the next election.  [I am leaving out Michael Barone because he made one of the few mistakes in his long illustrious career-he is probably the best expert on the electorate in all areas of the country and this one mistake does not diminish him one iota in my eyes]

5. EntrepreneursWith Barack Obama having another four years in office, the risk takers will be hard hit with another four years of stifling regulations, higher taxes, and the implementation of Obamacare.  They have to hope that the GOP run House will be able to stifle some of the damage and maybe get reserves in two years if the GOP can take over the senate.

6. The blaming of the previous administration: The grand egotist President Obama in his first term almost mentioned George W Bush's name as much as his own, and that is saying something.  Of course, he mentioned Bush's name in disdain blaming him for every single economic problem that was growing under his administration.  How many suffering times did we have to hear from Obama "I inherited from the previous administration the worst"...yadah, yadah, yadah. Well now the previous administration is now his administration.   The last 8 years now includes his first four years.  So, now when Obama blames president Bush for the continued weak economy [as I'm sure he still will], it will finally fall on deaf ears from a majority of Americans as the election is out of the way.

7. Full time jobs:  With Obamacare being fully enforced in the next couple of years, small business owners will almost be forced to keep their full time employees to under 50, otherwise the onerous mandated Obamacare rules will be too much of a burden to their companies.  These small business owners will have to either try and do with less employees [i.e., some must be laid off] or they will have to hire many part time workers to do the job.

8. Chief Justice John Roberts:  With the results of this election, the vastly unpopular Obamacare and it's coming assault on the greatest medical care system in the world, will be unstoppable now.  Besides president Obama, the one man who has contributed to the implementation of Obamacare more than anyone else is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts.  Robert's curious ruling [in which some said he was playing chess by allowing the people to throw out Obamacare in the election] has been checkmated with Obama's re-election. In future generations, the people may look back at Chief Justice John Roberts ruling Obamacare constitutional and wonder, "what was he thinking."

9. Oil independence: With Obama's re-election out of the way, make no mistake about it, president Obama will reflect the extremist environmentalists position on oil production in this country and turn all his energy [sorry for the pun] on the green companies, as in Solyndra.  Thus, America will become more and more dependent on the foreign oil [of some of our enemies], not less dependent.

10. A united country: More than any other reason I wanted to see president Obama defeated was because he had become the most divisive president this country has ever known. For the man who once said "We are not the red states of America, we are not the blue states of America, we are one United States of America", he has belied that notion with his making entrepreneurs, the wealthy, Republicans, conservatives, et. al., the scapegoats for his failures.   This president divides with seemingly no conscience for pure personal political gain.   I have no doubt it will continue in his second term and our country will be divided even more.  That makes president Obama's re-election a true shame.
How accurate was the Tales?   We report, you decide.    :-)

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