Friday, July 10, 2015

Tales Tweet Of The Week - July 10, 2015

After a painstaking examination of thousands of tweets, the Tales law firm of Wie, Cheatem and Howe. has come up with a unanimous decision on which tweet should get the highly sought after honor of being named the Tales Tweet of The Week.  The firm is attempting to charge extra for this pick, saying they had to work overtime to get it.  I quizzically asked Mr. Wie, "are you and Mr. Cheatem trying to cheat me?"  "And Howe", Mr. Wie replied.

This tweet has met the harsh requirements to be even considered for the Tales Tweet of the Week.  It must be a tweet on twitter.  

This tweet comes from a first time winner [but I'm sure not the last] who is from Arizona, Jon Gabriel whose twitter handle is @exjon  On his home page Jon describes himself as the undisputed king of stuff.  @ricochet editor.

After this tweet was posted, I heard the great quipster Greg Gutfeld on "The Five" on the Fox News Channel state this same quip on Thursday's show.  Hmm, either great minds think alike or Greg borrowed big Jon Gabriel's tweet for his quip. 

Without further ado, here is The Tales Tweet of The Week:

A Democrat Governor, Senate & House raised the confederate flag in South Carolina. A Republican Governor, Senate & House took it down.

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