Friday, July 3, 2015

Rick Perry Takes On Donald Trump's "Broad Brush" Rhetoric

I hear some on our side praising Donald Trump for someone saying what he believes, no matter how harsh his words.  NO!   Please, we do not want the blowhard Donald Trump as our GOP spokesman.  That is not good for us.  

In my opinion, Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump, not for the GOP beating Hillary [if he is not the candidate].  He is not a serious presidential candidate or a serious Republican.  Please, Donald Trump fans, trust me on this one.  Donald Trump will just as soon stab the GOP in the back as he will when attacking those we disagree with.  

Governor Perry taking on "the Donald"
So, I was very pleased when I finally see someone on our side not trying to make excuses for Donald Trump's intemperate rhetoric but taking him on directly.  It was Governor Rick Perry when he was being interviewed by Charles V. Payne, who was subbing for Neil Cavuto on his Fox News Channel's show, "Your World."  

I agree with Rick Perry that Donald Trump, whatever he meant, painted Mexicans with a broad brush.  We [GOP commentators like Sean Hannity]  should not be making excuses for what Donald Trump "really meant" when he won't even do it for himself.  

Please watch Governor Rick Perry taking on "the Donald" as he is interviewed by Charles Payne on July 2, 2015:

Donald Trump's words will not help us make inroads with the Latino vote.  Governor Rick Perry taking on Donald Trump's words, just might.

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