Monday, July 13, 2015

Opposing Trump And Wanting GOP To Fight Back Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Anyone who has read my blog or read my tweets on twitter must know that I am a strong constitutional conservative Republican who is a patriot and a strong supporter of Israel and in favor of American exceptionalism and one who detests this president's unconstitutional actions and his dividing this country by race, income, etc. for political gain. I hate this president putting down this country [and Christians-"lest you get on your high horse"] every chance he gets.  

I detest Hillary Clinton's lies on Benghazi and basically spitting in the face of the Bengahzi four families telling them that it was an American filmmaker who was responsible for their loved ones deaths.  I am one who gets very upset when the liberal mainstream media or Obama or Hillary Clinton or other liberal politicians demagogue against conservatives as evil on an issue and I will literally scream at my TV for the conservative I see to fight back...don't let them get away with that rhetoric.  

I want the GOP to strongly fight back against the left's lies. 

Yes, I want the GOP to fight back 
against the left

but this guy should not be our spokesman

At the same time, I also am opposed to Donald Trump and think the GOP should distance themselves from him because I think in the end he will hurt the GOP's chances at winning in 2016.  I do not believe [from some of his past statements and donations] he is a true conservative Republican and I do fear that he will turn on the GOP nominee [and take his supporters with him] in an instant, once he loses out in the primaries.  

In my opinion, Donald Trump is not a serious, legitimate candidate.  He would "negotiate" with ISIS. Oh, really?  Come on Trump fans, do you want someone who is so clueless on foreign policy/national security issues that he would negotiate with ISIS?

Trump says with bravado he would build a fence [which I am in favor of] across our Southern border and "have Mexico pay for it."  Come on people, let's get serious.  That will not happen.  

Trump is a joke that you can't take seriously.  People who support Trump say he is one who fights back and attacks.  That may be true but most of the fighting back and attacking has been against his fellow GOP candidates.  It would be one thing if every day he was aiming his attacks on Hillary and supporting the GOP to make sure she is not our next president, but I may have heard Trump mention Hillary's [or Obama for that matter] name one time saying she would be a bad president, but then immediately following up that she would be a bad president as would Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker and others.  Donald Trump it may not matter to you who wins the presidency, if it is not you, because to you all the other candidates are equally bad.  Well, it sure as hell would matter to me who wins.

So, because I am opposed to Donald Trump, I [and millions other like me] am all of a sudden a RINO, in favor of the establishment, not willing to fight back against the leftist lies, not a true conservative?   

Come on.  I am the same constitutional conservative patriotic Republican I was before and I desperately, for the sake of the future of this country, do not want to see a third term of Obama with Hillary Clinton as president.  I pray to God she is not elected as our next president.  I feel unless we distance ourselves away from Donald Trump, we could be in danger of handing over the presidency to Hillary.  Yes, you can disagree with me about Trump and support him [and feel that I am all wet] and if you do I am not going to accuse you of not being a real conservative or a real Republican.  Those who feel like me who are very skeptical about Donald Trump are just asking that same respect in return. 

One can be in favor of the GOP fighting back strongly against the left and at the same time opposed to Donald Trump as being that spokesman who is fighting back.  

Those concepts are not mutually exclusive.

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