Friday, July 24, 2015

Lindsey Trumps Donald

Carnival barker, Donald Trump, got a big laugh with his fans when he gave out Senator Lindsey Graham's cell number to the world.  I wonder how many of his sycophants would have been laughing if he gave out their number on national TV? 

Well, instead of whining and complaining about it, Lindsey Graham had fun with it.  Of course, Senator Graham couldn't keep that same cell phone number-so, he would get a brand new cell phone with a brand new cell number.  But what to do with the old cell phone?  Ah, now this is where the fun begins.  Trump talked about it before the world, so Graham would smash it before the world. 

Senator Lindsey Graham trumps 
The Donald  aka The clown
Senator Graham must know the old saying, those who laugh last, laugh best.  Or another way to put it. Senator Lindsey Graham made a clown out of the clown.  

The Donald just got Trumped by Lindsey Graham!  And I for one love it. 

Watch this great fun You Tube video by Senator Lindsey Graham using the great background music of the Allegro movement of Antonio Vivaldi's Winter Violin Concerto from his "Four Seasons":  

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