Friday, July 24, 2015

Let's Hope This Doesn't Happen To End The World Series

I really love the new replay challenges that MLB has put in place this year where each manager gets two challenges of umpires calls where the play is checked by an independent crew, I believe in New York.  That way in a close play that is crucial to the game the right call will be made.  Also, witnessing the replays in slow motion, the independent crew, in what I have seen, always has made the correct call in either giving thumbs up to the umpire's original call or reversing the call. 

Jose Altuve - All Star 2nd baseman for the Houston Astros
The only annoyance that I can see happening is like what happened to the Astros against the Red Sox in the game they played Thursday night July 23.  The Astros second baseman Jose Altuve hit a walk off home run...or we thought... to win the game and complete the Astros 3 game sweep of the Sox.  But, as is his right, the Red Sox manager challenged the home run thinking a fan reached over the stands to hit the ball with his hands, in which case it would not have been a home run and probably ruled as a ground rule double.  Luckily for Astros fans like me, the fan obviously did not touch the ball and it was finally ruled a Home Run after a couple of minutes delay.  So, yes the right call was made, but for a couple of minutes took a little of luster off the home run for Astros fans as they were holding their breath waiting for the call by the independent crew.  

I was thinking...can you imagine if that happened in game 7 of the World Series where a walk off home run is hit to win the World Series but then the fans of the home team and people all around the world would have to wait a couple of minutes to actually celebrate because they are waiting for a call for a ruling on the home run.  

As I said, I love this new replay rule, and the odds of this happening again are slim, but wouldn't that be a downer to have to wait for a call on a game winning hit in the World Series.  

Now for all you Astros fans, or fans of baseball everywhere lets get a look at the Altuve walk off home run in a win that pulled the young exciting Astros within a game of the Angels.  This hit was the All Star second baseman's 4th straight hit of the game.

Jose Altuve bats in Astros vs. Red Sox with the game tied 4-4 and one out in the bottom of the 9th on July 23, 2015:

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