Thursday, June 25, 2020


Repeat post from July of 2015.

Hat/TipMy brother Brad who informed me on Face Book of this video in Spanish by FIFATV who broadcast in Spanish the 2015 Women's World Cup Championship.

Congratulations to Team USA of the 2015 USA women's soccer team who won the World Cup Championship 5-2 over Japan.  A special congratulations to Carli Lloyd, a member of Houston's women soccer team, the Dash, who won the equivalent of the Most Valuable Player Award for the World Cup with an amazing performance in the whole tournament, and especially in the final game in which she performed the hat trick by scoring an almost unheard of 3 goals.  

Carli Lloyd - MVP!  MVP!  MVP!
The final goal was an amazing shot coming from Midfield.  This would be like a hockey shot behind the red line [at half ice] past the goalie into the goal.  

Turn up the volume and listen to the excitement you hear from the Spanish broadcaster of FIFATV, as he announces the third goal by Carli Lloyd, which put the USA up by a commanding 4-0 in the first half.

Spanish broadcast of Carli Lloyd's 3rd goal in 2015 World Cup Final, USA vs Japan

I've got a question for you.   Why would anyone listen to the English broadcast of the game and miss this excitement as broadcast in Spanish?  :-)


Update: Dec. 2017I was just thinking if this great announcer was a play by play man on an NFL team, how great would that be to hear your local team scoring a "Touchdooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooown!"  But, then again, if he was the announcer for the Cleveland Browns, he would never get to say it.  :-) 

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