Thursday, July 30, 2015

Giving Governor Rick Perry A Second Look

My top choice for the GOP nomination is Sen Marco Rubio, followed closely by Gov Scott Walker and business woman Carly Fiorina.  I will support whoever the GOP voters select as our nominee in a race probably against Hillary Clinton.  This nation cannot afford a third Obama term in the form of Hillary Clinton's first term.  

Governor Rick Perry - Deserves a second look
Because he was such a weak candidate in 2012, and he seemed to be low in the polls this time around, I had discounted Governor Rick Perry of Texas.  That is why I was surprised how impressive he was in a segment on The Five on the Fox News Channel.  I actually had to do a double take and he was so impressive I am now willing to give him a second look.  I could actually envision the governor being in the top tier of candidates [top 3 or 4] late in the primary season with a legitimate chance to win the nomination. 

I hope Gov Perry makes the big debate table in the first debate [the top 10 which will be held on the Fox News Channel on Thursday Aug. 6], because I am very interested how he would fair this time around as opposed to his dismal, almost embarrassing performance from 4 years ago.  

I know many of you are like me and have really not considered Governor Perry as one of your top choices, but I think you, like me, might be willing to give the governor a second look [and a second chance from last year] after watching this segment of The Five [I have the majority of the session of Governor Perry with the panel [Dana Perino, Geraldo Rivera, Greg Gutfeld, Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle] that took place before the first break - there were a few minutes after the break that I do not have on this video as I did not want to make the video too long that some would not watch because of the length.  

Please, no matter what your position is on Governor Rick Perry, watch this video with an open mind and see if you are as impressed as I was of his leadership qualities and good answers to some good questions posed by the panel members.

The Five Interviews Gov Rick Perry, TX, July 28, 2015

While still not my top choice, I am willing to give Governor Rick Perry a careful second look as we head into the debates. 

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