Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Donald Trump Is An Idiot

Back from a great time with my tribble friends in Disneyland in California, getting to meet two men from the talk radio genre I love, Hugh Hewitt and his producer Duane Patterson, I find out about Donald Trump's outrageous comments toward John McCain's military war service, first saying that "Donald Trump is no war hero", then doubling down by saying with no apology, "He is a war hero because he was captured?  I like people that weren't captured, OK?"

Those comments have confirmed how prescient the Tales was with these 5 past posts: "Donald Trump The Seminar Candidate";  "Rick Perry Takes On Trump's Broad Brush Rhetoric";  "The Most Important Question Hugh Hewitt Can Ask Donald Trump";  "Opposing Trump And Wanting The GOP To Fight Back Are Not Mutually Exclusive" and "This Pledge Should Be Taken To Participate In The GOP Debates".

Hey, buddy, a conservative Republican does not insult America's war veterans
The fans of Donald Trump say they love how he's not afraid to speak out and speak his mind not backing down to anyone.  Okay, well then fans of Donald Trump won't mind if "the Tales" does the same:  Donald Trump is an idiot!

I am not the biggest fan of Senator McCain and I have been upset at some of John McCain's political musings, but one thing I know:  John McCain is the definition of a war hero.  

When Trump made those outrageous statements, he was not only disparaging John McCain but also all of American veterans and because of that, this man should not only be out of the debates, but also out of the Republican Party.

I really believe Reince Priebus should tell Trump, "you're out, buddy."  Some will say, we can't do that he will run as a third party candidate and will kill our [GOP] chances.  That would happen if we allowed him to stay in the debates, and gain publicity and a small but loyal band of fans, and then he ran as a third party candidate.  But that is why we must kick him out now, not let him get all the attention, week after week, after week.  Without the platform, without the publicity and with the GOP debates having only legitimate GOP candidates in there, Donald Trump will fade faster then some of my decades old t-shirts.  

Repeat:  Let's kick the idiot Donald Trump out of the debates now and win back the presidency in 2016 or let him remain in the Republican Party debates making stupid statements and when he takes his followers with him helping to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016. 


Anonymous said...

I would tend to concur. Trump has his place, of course and now -- in my mind -- HAD his place. At first, I appreciated Trump for at least having the temerity to begin the conversation about illegal immigration and its deleterious affects upon the nation. The days of a Poor Juan Valdez and his drooping moustache, stooped with the weight of providing for his family upon his shoulders, are predominantly gone.

Now, illegal immigrants bring drugs, mules, sexual repression, disease, ill intentions and are a drag upon American Taxpayers. The federal government expects local and state institutions and agencies to magically provide for these people -- who are sometimes favored OVER America's own citizenry. This is a trend I cannot condone and is entirely UNsustainable.

That said, though Trump had his use for bringing topics into the arena of general discussion, his most recent comments about McCain prove Trump politically inept and, frankly, a buffoon. He can succor this behavior due to his ability -- via his wealth -- to be untouchable by reactions. However, this proves that he is politically tone deaf and completely unsupportable.

True, MB, quite true.


Big Mike said...

Thanks patriot BZ for those comments!!