Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Tale of Two Brown's

Repeat post from July 7, 2015.  One of these two Brown's [because of the corrupt main stream media and race dividers] is probably still remembered by a majority of Americans.  One of these two Brown's, sadly, [because of a lack of interest by the main stream media and the race dividers] is long forgotten.  And what a shame, the wrong Brown is being forgotten and the wrong Brown continues to be remembered. 

Michael Brown    18 years old from Ferguson Missouri.

Robbed a convenience store, assaulted a police officer, charged the police officer after first walking away and was legally shot and killed by the police officer who was defending himself.


President Obama spoke about the troubles of a little town called Ferguson in a speech before the world in a UN speech

The attorney general of the United States started a federal investigation of the police officer and the Ferguson police department.

Police officer Darren Wilson was forced to resign.  

Al Sharpton demagogued about injustice.

People rioted in the streets, looting and burning to the ground small businesses of hard working Ferguson citizens.    

People in the streets and around the nation and by NFL players and by United States Congressmen posed in the lie of "hands up, don't shoot."  

The president of the United States sent members of his administration to the funeral of Michael Brown, the man who attacked a police officer, but said nothing about the life of the police officer whose career and life was altered forever. 

Calls by the president of the United States that we need to have a national discussion on race. 

The hashtag of the slogan #BlackLivesMatter circulated social media and was the cry of millions in honor of the man who had just robbed a convenience store, attacked a police officer and then charged that police officer threatening him. 


Amari Brown 
7 year old boy from Chicago, IL

Was shot and killed by a bullet intended for his "alleged" gang member father, during a July 4th holiday celebration in gang infested Chicago, IL.  May God Bless Amari Brown and ease the pain of his mother


No words from the president of the United States

No federal investigation by the attorney general of the United States.

No Al Sharpton.

No rioting or any unrest at all.

No words or demonstrations from any NFL or NBA players in support of the life of Amari Brown.

No calls by the president of the United States that we need to have a discussion about gang violence taking viciously so many innocent young lives.

No hashtags or cries that #BlackLivesMatter

A grieving mother and relatives and friends of the family wondering, why? _____________________________________________________


Anonymous said...

Oh so very simple.

Because Amari was killed by "one of his kind." "One of his kind" would also include the president of the United States.

We canNOT have the TRUTH proclaimed far and wide: that blacks murder themselves at a rate far, far, far beyond that of Caucasoids. Black lives only matter, we can conclude, when they are taken at the hands of a depraved Caucasoid.

And black lives only matter when the killing of one can be utilized for political purposes by the current occupier of the Spite House.

Occupy Wall Street eventually died and went away.

The Occupy White House denizens will also go away.

As in the TV show: "Eight IS Enough."


Big Mike said...

Yep BZ. With this president one was enough. I hope we can survive eight years.
Thanks Z man.

Anonymous said...

Short, sweet and to the point. Well stated.


Big Mike said...

Thanks EyeLah That's exactly what I meant to do! TY!

Sheralyn said...

BZ is absolutely right in his observation that Black lives matter only when there's something to be gained from it by others in some type of authority position. The truth of the matter is that, "All lives matter," but you'll never hear that either from the president or his minions because there's nothing in it for them politically or financially. That's a sad truth, but the truth none the less.


Anonymous said...

As a Mimi to 3 grandchildren about that age; I weep for the Mother and family. Taking the bullet for the Father Gangmember; should be the national talk. Where is the #BlackGuilt ? Seriously? We are so doomed in this nation by keeping silent. We're quietly standing silent for some unknown reason Just as what happened before WWII. Those of us that are awake need to stand together with Commin Ground: defending our Constitution.
Krissy in #ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy! Well said!