Monday, June 22, 2015

The Most Important Question Hugh Hewitt Should Ask Donald Trump

Hugh Hewitt - radio talk show host and author of "The Queen..."
Hugh Hewitt, the constitutional law professor who is the "center-right" radio talk show host of The Hugh Hewitt Show" , author of his new book, "The Queen: The Epic Ambition of Hillary and The Coming of a Second 'Clinton Era'", and a man who has been called a "gentleman's conservative" has been selected to be the questioner for the GOP debates that will be on CNN.  Jake Tapper will be the moderator of those debates Hugh will be the questioner.  

In that light and also for the enlightenment of his listening audience regarding the views of the candidates running for president, Hugh has been having on his radio show every single GOP candidate running soon after they have made the official announcement that they will be a candidate for president.  [Of course, Hugh isn't limiting this to the GOP candidates, and would love to have Hillary on his show, but she so far has yet to respond positively to his request--what a shocker that is].  

So, in that light and with Donald Trump announcing he will be a candidate for president just last week, Hugh Hewitt will be interviewing him on his radio show, today, Monday, June 22, 2015.

In full disclosure, I am not a Donald Trump fan as I feel he is not a serious candidate nor a loyal Republican and I revealed that in my recent post.  Because I am so concerned that Donald Trump is only in this for himself and does not really support the Republican Party and could give the party headaches, especially after he does not win the nomination [or even get close, in my opinion], there is one important question that I want Hugh to ask Donald Trump.

This is the question that I feel is the most important question Hugh could ask Donald Trump and the one I would be most interested in his answer:  "Donald Trump, if you do not win the nomination, will you support the GOP nominee for president?"

If Donald Trump, hesitates or gives a qualifying answer, I hope Hugh will come back with this follow up:  "Mr. Trump, as you know I am not supporting or endorsing any single candidate because of my role as the questioner in the debates, but I will submit now that I will support you or any of the GOP candidates that wins the GOP nomination because I feel it is so important that we do not have a third Barack Obama term under Hillary Clinton.  Will you commit now to supporting the GOP nominee, no matter which candidate wins the GOP nomination?

That is the question, the one question, I will really be interested in hearing Hugh ask the Donald.  Donald Trump needs to be put on record ahead of time for the GOP voters that will be going into the primary running booth to know if he is really supporting the GOP or just himself.  

NoteHugh Hewitt did ask Rand Paul that question.  I thought it was brilliant of Hugh to ask that to put Rand Paul on record with his answer that he would [even in the unenthusiastic way he said it] support the GOP nominee.    That is why Hugh Hewitt is a great interviewer and why this blog's name  [Tales from a tribble] came from Hugh Hewitt himself, with tribble being the name Hugh gave of the fans of his radio show who were tweeting on #Hewitt and/or in his Hughniverse chat room.  

Oh, some of you fans of Donald Trump may be thinking that I want Donald Trump to answer that question but I haven't answered it myself.  Well I will answer it now:  yes, I will support 100% whichever GOP candidate emerges as our nominee, even the ones I hope don't win our nomination.  

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